Jonas Brothers: Happiness Begins – Album Review

Jonas Brother released their fifth studio album Happiness Begins on the 7th of June after six years of a break. Their reunion will be one of the highlights of this year for sure. They are back in the best way possible: new music, a world tour, new merch and even a documentary. As a 90s... Continue Reading →


My Top 60 Most-Streamed Singles of 2018 on Spotify. Part 1: Top 60 – 30

We have almost reached the end of 2018. As every year Spotify made for every premium user a top 100 playlist including the most-streamed songs of 2018. I picked all the singles, which were released in 2018 of my playlist. So, I’m going to present to you my top 60 most-streamed single chart. You should... Continue Reading →

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