Top 20 Pop EPs of 2020

EP’s are the new albums that’s a fact. Many artists prefer to release a body of work including 4-8 songs instead of releasing an album with 8-20+ tracks. In today’s way of music consumption that’s totally fine with us. Especially independent artists go for an EP but also singers and songwriters before dealing with the... Continue Reading →

New Music Video: Christopher ft. Clara Mae – Good To Goodbye

The Danish pop star Christopher releases his first single of 2021 called Good to Goodbye. The breakup ballad is a collaboration with the Swedish pop artist Clara Mae, both have writing credits on the track. Their vocals harmonize beautifully together just like their performance in the music video. Even though it’s harder now for artists... Continue Reading →

Interview: Raff Pylon

In this blog post of my interview series, I’ll be interviewing the Canadian pop artist Raff Pylon (26). He’s not only a young talented singer but also a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, producer, and arranger. No wonder he has studied music arrangement and orchestration in college. Raff isn’t a stranger to the music business, before starting to... Continue Reading →

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