Introducing: Lost Stars – Interview

For this blog post, I’m honored to interview Damian Malnar from the rock-pop band Lost Stars. They are three boys from Kansas based in Nashville: Damian Malnar (25, vocals/keys), Charley Holden (23, guitar), and Trey Warner (25, guitar). In 2016 they had their debut with the EP Dreaming in the Dark. Since then they have... Continue Reading →

These Are the Tracks of Summer 2019 – My Summer Playlist: Summer 2019 Forever

I’m back with an entire new Spotify playlist, it’s called Summer 2019 Forever. Just like last year, I’ve picked every new released song of this year that gave me summer vibes and have collected them in this playlist. My aim was to create an ultimate collection of tracks that match perfectly with the summer season.... Continue Reading →

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