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My name is Eren Neseli and I’m 24 years old. Currently, I’m studying psychology and pedagogy in Zurich, Switzerland. Yes, I was born and raised in Europe’s most ‘neutral’ country Switzerland, but I have my roots in the Balkans (Bosnia & Macedonia) and was raised in Turkish culture. As you can guess, I’m obsessed with today’s pop music, it’s my biggest passion. I listen to pop music 24/7, thanks to Spotify Premium in my case. I also love going to pop concerts of my favorite artists. I’m a Lovatic (Demi Lovato) & a Barb (Nicki Minaj) since my teenage years. I love discovering new talented artists and introducing them to my audience. I started this blog by sharing my thoughts on albums and EPs by my favorite artists in Fall 2017. Today, I’m mostly writing reviews on concerts and introducing new songs and artists I like. Every now and then I do an interview. However, I just started my YouTube channel last year during the pandemic, while spending a lot of time at home. On my YouTube channel you can find reaction & review videos to pop singles, music videos, EPs, and albums. Hopefully also concert vlogs soon! Make sure to follow me on your favorite social platforms to catch me and my future content on your feed.

Dear Pop Artists

You can submit your upcoming releases via Instagram/Twitter DMs or via E-mail for now!

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