Introducing: Ethan Surman – Canadian Singer & Songwriter

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing the Canadian young musician Ethan Surman (19). He is an upcoming indie-pop-rock artist from Toronto, Ontario. His music is defined by many genres starting from classic, soul, gospel, rock, RnB, alongside pop and hip-hop elements. Ethan’s musical influences are just as diverse as his musical sound, which are The Beatles, Frank Ocean, and The Strokes to name a few. Even though Ethan is just 19 his music is older than himself since he combines new and old music and creates a sort of fresh nostalgia for his listeners. The emerging young artist records and produces his music straight from his attic room, which makes his songs feel more personal and intimate.


Ethan had his debut in Spring 2019 with the release of his indie track Mojo. In 2020 he has released the four-track debut EP Friendships and Fever Dreams. This gospel music project also includes the lead single Make My Day, which has reached almost 10K views today on Spotify. You should also check out the listeners’ favorite Money Home from the EP. Most recently this year, Ethan has released his double single 19.99 and Wintertime in Japan on February 15.

In the story-telling soulful piano ballad 19.99, Ethan is reminiscing on his latest breakup. He tells his ex-girlfriend to call him whenever she wants to even though he is still heartbroken. So, he sings in the chorus: “I taught you how to feel babe, so how you feeling fine while I’m still crying. I thought we made a deal babe, then you sold my heart for nineteen ninety-nine. Now I’m broke like you and I”. You will love his powerful vocals combined with the dynamic piano.

In the second single Wintertime in Japan, the reminiscing continues, this time as an acoustic guitar ballad. Ethan regrets not having to hold her ex through the wintertime and wishes their relationship would have last a little longer. Check out these beautiful lines: “Blonde as the sun, you stole my heart. Pink as the sky when the sun starts to part. But I get tired and your sweet desire it makes me feel weak and I can’t find the fire”. These two songs were probably inspired by a real-life experience since Ethan is transferring all the emotions very well.

Get the double single HERE!


I enjoy Ethan’s powerful vocals and diverse productions. He really knows how to surprise his listeners with unexpected musical parts in his song productions. While starting a solo music career you can also find Ethan as a member of the bands The Neighbourhood Watch and Roovs. Yes, this guy must be living for music, so get ready to hear more songs from this young talent since his debut solo album is set to be released in late 2021.






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