Fresh Released: Roger Perelló – Yellow & Blue

Roger Perelló (20) has just released his new single Yellow & Blue on March 12. In this blog post let’s take a look at Roger’s music career and his brand-new release. This talented young man was born and raised in Barcelona and got influenced by big artists like Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Leonard Cohen. Therefore, he also wants to reach out to their audiences with his own music. In February 2019, Roger released his debut single Fantasy, a sensual love letter. Later the same year, he took a big step and moved to London to pursue his dreams. While doing live shows before the pandemic there, he is now spending most of his time with his passion, singing and writing songs. Roger manages very well to transfer all the emotions of a song with his deep masculine vocals.

Photographer: Rajan Wadhera

For the new single, Yellow & Blue Roger went for raw and honest lyrics with a nostalgic melody and chill acoustic pop production. In the lyrics, Roger is reminiscing on a past relationship and realizing that he and his lover weren’t a perfect match at all but still blinded by love, just as contrary as the colors yellow (golden) and blue. As he is singing in the chorus: “We were yellow our love was yellow and blue. We were messy but we’d always find a way out of the storm into the light. We kept the summer alive.”

The writing process was definitely therapeutic for the young musician. He explains: “When I wrote Yellow & Blue, I had recently been through a heartbreak, and creating it definitely helped me to release my emotions, which helped my healing process.”

Photographer: Helena Perelló

Alongside the single Roger also has released the music video for Yellow & Blue. He teamed up with Tundra Studio and they did an amazing job translating the emotions and vulnerability expressed in the song to the video. The nature-setting, the colors (of course yellow & blue), the gay couple, and the romantic story-telling all together have created a dreamy world in the music video and you can’t get enough of it. I love it. With this music video, Roger also wants to share his story and contribute to LGBTQIA+ visibility in music videos.

So, he said: “I do not think gay relationships are adequately represented in mainstream songs or their music videos, despite being so present in people’s lives all around the world.”

Watch the Music Video of Yellow & Blue now on his YouTube channel!


I love this entire project and I’m excited to witness, what’s coming up next by this talented young man. I’m sure he will keep impress us with his future releases. If you also don’t want to miss them, follow him now on his socials. Every now and then he also shares some cover videos on Instagram or YouTube, don’t miss them too.

Photographer: Vinicius Dos Anjos

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