Introducing: Kalan – New World

In this blog post, I’m going to introduce to you the 15-years-old rapper, songwriter and dancer Kalan Cox from Toronto, Canada. The young talent started dancing by the age of five by imitating Michael Jackson and got everyone impressed by his moves. In the last few years, he even participated in dance battles across Canada, including the 2018 Breakin’ Convention at Toronto’s Sony Center. By the age of eleven, he started rapping and writing his first songs. Kalan’s male rap influences are NF and Drake. His blazingly fast wordplay defines Kalan’s rap style, and he has definitely the potential to become the next Eminem in my opinion.


Kalan had his debut in November 2019 with the release of Motivate, in which he introduces himself, backs off haters, who motivate him just to go harder; he embraces realness and positivity in the lyrics as a message against the fake and negative world we live in. His bars make you realize how talented this boy is and you can’t believe that he’s only a teenager. In November 2020 Kalan has released his debut EP New World, which includes the singles New World and Can’t Tell Me, one of my favorites is definitely Worry Bout Yourself his anti-bullies anthem.


Unfortunately, Kalan had to go through some unfortunate real-life experiences already at a young age. He lost his mother to breast cancer when he was six years old and in 2017 he snapped his arm at the elbow while doing a flip, resulting in his wrist being immobilized for six months and potentially permanent nerve damage. Kalan still kept dancing while wearing a cast and recovered well. He clearly doesn’t give up and keeps fighting for his dreams, while living his passion. Kalan stays positive in life no matter what and that’s exactly what he wants to spread with his music. I think that he is definitely a great role model for his peers.

“I want people who hear my songs to relate to what I feel and what I’ve gone through and realize that other people go through the same things. I want them to get energy from my music and understand that it’s okay to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. There’s so much negativity in the world. We need more positivity. Everybody goes through different things and has personal struggles, but you just have to keep moving forward.”


Kalan just has released the music video of his newest single New World. The title track of his EP is all about creating and living in a world without hate, and discrimination.

Kalan also has a motto for the New World: “No more waiting, no more hating, no debating, we gotta start relating”.

I believe that Kalan will be one of the future’s famous successful rappers and he will keep impressing his listeners with his story and meaningful messages. Go and check him out wherever you want to, catch him before he gets famous.


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