Fresh Release: Eleni C – Tug Of War

The London-based pop star Eleni C has released her new single Tug Of War on February 12. It’s her powerful comeback and start into the new year. She isn’t well known in Europe yet, but Eleni C is a national pop sensation in the UK. Eleni C kicked off her music career in October 2016 with her debut singe Building Castles, which is mainly addressed to teenage girls as an empowering ‘believe in yourself’ anthem. Shortly after she had a hiatus for unknown reasons, she was probably in the studio working on new music.


Eleni C was back in summer 2019 with a new release called One Last Time, a beautiful tropical summer track. Her self-love single I Don’t Give A Damn was the following release, and it sounds like a tribute to early 2010s Selena Gomez sonically, especially its chorus. Meanwhile, her music was played by BBC London she even got the chance to be an opening act for artists like Foxes, Becky Hill and Little Mix to name a few. She also performed at major events like the Free Radio Live Concert in the Birmingham NEC Arena, Pride in London and the Westfield Music Cube. She even went on a school tour in the UK to promote her music and to be a mental health advocate for teenagers. Imagine a superstar performing in your school’s sports hall, you better not be sick on this day.


Right before the global pandemic hit Europe she released her upbeat track Silent Voices last year in March, it’s her most-streamed song so far on Spotify with over 23K streams. Almost a year later she is continuing to please her fans’ ears right there where she stopped. Tug Of War has the potential to become one of this year’s summer tracks and it will definitely be added to my Summer 2021 Spotify playlist. In Tug Of War, Eleni C has a clear message to her ex-toxic-lover. She is done with him and won’t go back to him again. She’s finally letting go and ending the game while finding peace and freedom for herself.

Eleni C described the meaning of her new single as followed: “Sometimes the hardest thing is to let go of the person that you love the most. We tend to forget that love shouldn’t hurt but if it does we should love ourselves enough to let go.

Eleni C is born to be a star, she knows how to sing, dance and dress. Check out her fashion style on her Instagram for proof. She keeps inspiring her fans as an idol and with her relatable lyrics and positive messages. Follow her before she has her international breakthrough.


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