Introducing: Rohail

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing to you the young pop-rap artist Rohail from Vancouver Canada. He is a talented singer, songwriter and producer, who wasn’t scared to kick off his music career in 2020 during a global pandemic. While doing my research I found some old cover videos of Rohail on his YouTube channel, you can clearly see his passion for the rap-pop and R&B genre and songwriting already in his teenage years. He even wrote his own rap verses to songs like Skyscraper by Demi Lovato or Freedom by Nicki Minaj and many more. So, check out his channel for some nostalgia.

Rohail had his debut last summer in June with the release of the double singles NEON NIGHTS, a dreamy pop-trap track in which Rohail wants his girlfriend to take him back to the neon nights to escape their relationship problems. The other single Have You Ever Been to the Hills? is an incredibly well-produced masterpiece, reminiscent of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights since it’s also influenced by the 80s and the synth-pop elements really define the song, but you should definitely listen to Rohail’s amazing high vocals during the chorus. After streaming this song, you’ll be begging Rohail to take you to the hills for sure, it’s also my favorite of his songs.

You can enjoy more of his vocals on the follow-up releases Hideout & Another Summer. Hideout is a romantic dreamy tropical pop track, perfect for late nights at the beach. In the R&B rap-pop track Another Summer, Rohail asks his significant other desperately to give them another chance so they can make it to another summer. “But I can never take a hint, I might propose. You talking ‘bout, you wana leave that’s a funny joke. Who wins now? You tryna move on & I’m tryna move in”.


Rohail is clearly telling a love story with these releases. At the end of the summer in late August, he released his sensual Latin-influenced single Mami Can You, which will make you wish you were flirting with some hot girls at a Latin party. The love story he was telling ends with the breakup ballads Own Space & Fantasies. Most recently Rohail has released the new single i don’t mind winter is coming. In this meaningful soft pop track, he is reminiscing on that past love with its all high and low, and he is ready to move on and welcome a new season no matter with or without his lover. And I’m definitely ready to listen to Rohail’s upcoming new music to be released this year.

While streaming his discography, I really enjoyed how diverse his vocals are, his storytelling in his personal lyrics and the quality of his productions. Rohail mostly co-writes his songs with his producer friend Marko. They are a super talented and unstoppable duo together, that’s for sure. Check out Rohail’s music on your favorite music platform and follow him wherever you want to, so you don’t miss his next releases.


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