Lockdown Artist Discovery: Daniel Donskoy

Lockdown Artist Discovery is a blog posts series created by the five music bloggers from Switzerland (PlanetSarah.ch, Loads of Music, Kekoas Korner, musicandevents and erenblogs (me 😉). We all teamed up to introduce to you new artists during the second lockdown in Switzerland, which is for now going to last until the end of February. Therefore, starting with the 31st of January there will be two blog posts online on different blogs every Sunday until the end of February. So, this is your chance to discover new artists. This Sunday Daniel Donskoy on erenblogs and Wild Youth on PlanetSarah.


In this blog post, I’ll be introducing the German singer and songwriter Daniel Donskoy. To mention all his professions; he is also a successful actor, theatre producer, director and model. Daniel is much more than just German; he is a world citizen. He was born in Russia in 1990 to a Jewish family with a Ukrainian mother and Russian father. After his birth, the family moved to Berlin, where he spent his childhood. He grew up speaking four languages German, Russian, English and Hebrew. His passion for music started when he learned how to play the piano by the age of five and started to sing in many choirs, he even taught himself how to play the guitar. When he was 12 years old he moved with his mother to Tel Aviv, Israel after his parents’ divorce. Six years later he moved back to Berlin to study biology before he decided to start his artistic career. While being a student in Berlin he started to work as a barkeeper and model. In 2011 he went to London to study once again but this time to develop his acting and musical skills, he graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in musical/theatre. After his graduation, he spent two years in theatre, then switched to acting roles in movies and series. Through his German TV debut in 2017, he got really famous in Germany. Therefore, Daniel even became the main character in the series Sankt Maik. He even had his Netflix debut in the famous series The Crown, he plays Princess Diana’s lover in season four.


Ok now back to his music career. Daniel had his debut two years ago with the release of Cry by the river. In May 2019, he released his debut EP Didn’t I Say So, that’s the time when I discovered him. He even played a sold-out Tour in Germany. Daniel admits that he was finding his sound with the first releases. Right now, he is working on his debut album, which is to be released later this year. So far he has already shared four tracks with his fans, most recently the single Bring Me Back My Smile. The track Intro was released in October 2020, which introduces the new era and represents Daniel finding his new sound. Shortly after, the dreamy-pop single 24 was released, in which Daniel sings about his personal and intense love story when he was 24 years old. “Higher than we ever been before, loving you is god damn beautiful”.


The upbeat and funky single Robbed Me was released on the 4th of December, which was also my 24th birthday. Daniel even let me join his Instagram Live during the online release party. He literally made my birthday since I had to spend it alone at home without my friends due to the pandemic. In this shady breakup song, Daniel claims that his lover has robbed him of his soul and mind. He sings: “I’ll put on my smile if I see you around”. This line is a great transition to the new single Bring Back My Smile. We can observe that Daniel is literally telling a story with the released singles so far. Therefore, I’m more curious about his debut album. So far I can say that Daniel loves to experiment with his voice and beat productions, this is why I’m expecting a diverse pop album with different elements of other genres. No matter how experimental the songs on the record will be, Daniels acoustic versions hit differently. His dynamic vocals can transfer every feeling to the listeners. So get ready for an amazing album and to catch him on tour as soon as the pandemic is over.


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