Fresh Release: Alec Jordan – 1000 Lives

The Seattle-based rap-pop artist Alec Jordan released his new single 1000 Lives on the 15th of January. He defines his music style as chill R&B and upbeat pop vibes. He works together with his producer friend Jai Hallen on his music.

The new single 1000 Lives is a dreamy breakup song in which Alec tries to numb the heartbreak with alcohol and claims to have loved his girlfriend for over 1000 lives. He still wants her for one more night, even though she causes him an identity crisis. He is also admitting that the love he once felt for her is turning into hate. I loved the way how he used metaphors in the lyrics, therefore I recommend you to watch the lyrics video. Production-wise 1000 Lives sounds addictively pleasing, you might want to stream it on repeat.

In 2021 he is looking forward to releasing another body of work after 2019s EP Rooftop Project, Volume 1. His new project will also include the hit single Keep It feat. JonesJrr. Alec also partnered with the environmental organization Mountains To Sound Greenway and donates a portion of his proceeds. I believe that it won’t take long until he blows off and becomes famous.

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