Introducing: Christopher Nagle – Fooling in Love

The London-based alt-pop singer, songwriter and rapper Christopher Nagle released his electro-pop comeback single Fooling in Love last December. His passion for music started at a young age when he learned how to play the guitar and became a busker around the streets of London. Later on, Christopher took an interest in different genres like R&B, Hip-hop, House and New Wave and started to mix them up. Today he likes to experiment and create diverse music productions.


Christopher has big plans for 2021 since he is going to release his 3rd studio album Atmosphere and is also remastering his debut record (Handprints, 2017) and second album (Zero, 2018), which are also to be re-released later this year. On the new record, he is also collaborating with the Florida-based producer DJ Six 9 on the yet unreleased track Broken Dreams.

The lead single Fooling in Love is a dreamy rap-pop track, which creates a melancholic vibe. Christopher sings about being crazy in love with his addictive vocals: “It’s crazy you’re making me whole; I’m moving and losing control. I’m falling and fooling alone, just wishing you’ll kiss me”. The beat production is so pleasing, therefore, don’t hesitate to listen to this song on repeat. I can’t wait to stream more of his music very soon.

You can listen to a snippet here!

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