Top 20 Pop EPs of 2020

EP’s are the new albums that’s a fact. Many artists prefer to release a body of work including 4-8 songs instead of releasing an album with 8-20+ tracks. In today’s way of music consumption that’s totally fine with us. Especially independent artists go for an EP but also singers and songwriters before dealing with the pressure of releasing a debut album. However, we the listeners enjoy music in any release form. So, before the new releases take off in 2021 let’s look back to the top 20 pop EPs of 2020. Yes, I picked my favorites and had a mathematical selection procedure to put them in order. Trust me and you might discover new artists or even find your favorite artists in my list as well.


20. Nea – Some Say

The Swedish singer and songwriter Nea released her debut EP Some Say in summer 2020 including her hit single, the title track Some Say, which also got remixed by the German DJ Felix Jaehn and reached over 200 million streams on Spotify. The EP also includes the hit songs Dedicated and Drunk Enough To. Last year was definitely her international breakthrough year, let’s see if Nea will keep releasing new music in 2021.


19. Kristian Kostov – Mood:

The young talented Bulgarian-Russian singer and songwriter Kristian Kostov released his long-awaited third EP Mood: in July last year. After his success at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, ending the finale at second place, he was definitely no stranger in Europe. The electro-pop EP Mood: is probably his most personal body of work so far, including the hit singles: Honest, Things I Like and Thinking.


18. Isaac Dunbar – isaac’s insects

The young American alternative-pop singer and songwriter Isaac Dunbar released his second EP isaac’s insects in April 2020 after getting signed by RCA Records. In this project, he is embracing his queerness and celebrating his youth with all its ups and downs. My favorite off the EP is definitely comme des garçons, I had this track on repeat for a long time, it has something magical and addictive. I also love the message behind the song. The EP also contains the hit singles makeup drawer and the fan-favorite relatable ballad suicide.


17. Rajiv Dhall – When I’m Alone

The Indian American singer and songwriter Rajiv Dhall literally restarted his music career in 2020 with the release of the EP When I’m Alone in March. He shared four personal tracks with his fans, who were craving to stream new music. The catchy pop songs with relatable lyrics and diverse experimental beats please someone’s ears very easily. The fan-favorites are Bad and Insecure, the last mentioned is definitely my favorite too. Check out my interview with Rajiv Dhall HERE!


16. Ella Eyre – Quarter Life Crisis

British singer and songwriter Ella Eyre released her long-awaited new musical project last year in August. Her third EP called Quarter Life Crisis, which is a tropical-pop sensation counts four upbeat dance tracks. Ella Eyre definitely went back to her Jamaican and Maltese roots for this body of work. The EP includes the fan-favorite L.O.V.(e)., the collab Dreams with the rapper Yxng Bane and my favorite Care Less, which I listened to daily just to remember myself to care less of what others think of me. It’s an empowering self-uplifting anthem.


15. TeawhYB – What We Were

The American alt-hip-pop artist TeahwYB shared the EP What We Are in June with his fans. The songs are diverse since he loves to mix up elements from different genres together. Therefore, the EP pleases to all types of music lovers, no matter if Rap, R&B, Pop or Indie. He already had me as a fan by Cherry on Top, it’s such a fun song and was one of my 2020 summer jams. I listened way too much to this masterpiece. The EP also offers the fan-favorite Ms.You and the dreamy soft collab Sharpie with Miles Blvd. You can check out my interview with TeawhYB HERE!



The American singer and songwriter Fletcher is one of the artists I discovered last year and if you listen to pop music it wasn’t even possible not to do so. 2020 was her international breakthrough year for sure. She released her third EP THE S(EX) TAPES in September and I was already streaming to Bitter feat. Kito like a drug addict before. This song releases some dopamine in your brain that’s for sure. However, the EP counts seven tracks including the hit singles If I Hated You, Feel and the fan-favorite Shh…Don’t Say It.


13. Sam Fischer – Homework

The Australian pop-rock singer and songwriter became literally internationally famous thanks to his TikTok viral song This City, which actually was released in early 2018. After getting signed he re-released the track almost after two years again. I believe that Sam Fischer won’t be a one-hit-wonder since the EP Homework, released late August, offers much more than just the platinum-selling single. Amongst others the hit singles The Usual and the fan-favorites Ready and Everybody’s Got Somebody.


12. Todrick Hall – Quarantine Queen

The American singer, songwriter and performer Todrick Hall made everyone’s quarantine days better with the release of his surprise EP Quarantine Queen in late April. The EP offers quarantine & lockdown inspired and related fun tracks. He did not only rewrite the lyrics of his hit single Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels to Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs, he also makes you dance to Werk out and vibe to Meow ft. the Drag queen Rhea Litre.


11. Duncan Laurence – Worlds On Fire

The Dutch singer and songwriter, also ESC 2019 winner Duncan Laurence shared his debut EP Worlds On Fire in May 2020 before releasing his debut album Small Town Boy later that year. He might not be a fan of my blog since I wrote an honest criticizing concert review due to my experience. But I’m still a fan of him and his music, therefore I was super excited to listen to these debut musical projects. The EP includes the ESC winning, multi-platinum song Arcade, the powerful follow-up singles Love Don’t Hate It and Someone Else, also the fan-favorite Beautiful.


Top 10


10. ROLE MODEL – our little angel

The American singer and songwriter Role Model released his third EP called our little angel in Fall 2020. I discovered him last year with the music video for going out, thanks to the YouTube algorithm for recommending it to me. I must admit that I fell in love with this track and the singer. So, I had to stalk him on social media and check out his other releases. In the end, I also enjoyed listening to blind and better the first time, you can find them also on the EP.


9. Carlie Hanson – DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy

I’m a fan of the American young and talented singer-songwriter Carlie Hanson. I enjoyed listening to her debut EP Junk in 2019. She didn’t take a break and shared her second EP DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy with her fans in October 2020. The EP includes seven tracks, five of them being released as singles previously. She collaborated with Lil West on the non-single Fires, which is literally a fire track and with Iann Dior on her latest single Ego. Especially the touching ballad Stealing All My Friends must be my favorite since it’s super relatable for me.


8. Gavin Haley – Unfolding

Just as Carlie Hanson the American singer-songwriter Gavin Haley is another artist I enjoy listening to. With his relatable lyrics, catchy productions and heart-warming older-brother vocals he is a must-listen and a must-love. He released his second EP Unfolding last November. The seven-tracks project includes the hit singles idk where I’m at rn, So Sick Of Love, Be There For You, Self Control, and my favorite Tati. Have a listen and enjoy the good music, thank me later.


7. Christian French – good things take time

The Los Angeles based young pop singer and songwriter Christian French is an artist I discovered in 2020. Since I’m an over-thinker I fell in love with his single I think too much with the release of his 3rd EP good things take time in September, I also loved the songs crowded room (still listening today), the mellow non-single track wake up, and the title track good things take time. Christian offers the right amount of diversity in this body of work from sad to happy songs. You’ll definitely find a song you like.


6. Clara Mae – Drunk On Emotions

The Swedish singer and songwriter is an artist I enjoy listening to since 2018. I probably have a crush on her, or I just love her vocals, I could listen to her all the time. She already made me a fan with her debut EP Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You (2018). In 2020 she released her second body of work called Drunk On Emotions, which includes all her released singles since 2019 and the track Not Ok. She has two collabs: Overused ft. gnash and Alright ft. Russell Dickerson. My favorites are: Run Into You and the title-track Drunk On Emotions.


5. Netta – Goody Bag

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 the Israeli looper and beatbox artist Netta finally released her long-awaited first body of work in 2020 called Goody Bag. It’s actually a collection of her previously released singles since 2018. Toy, the song which made her a European superstar overnight has today 66.6 million streams on Spotify. Yes, it’s a party banger with a great message. I also had the single Cuckoo on repeat last year. Netta showed her emotional side for the first time with this ballad and I hope to hear more ballads from her in the future. You can also listen to her newest EP The Best of Netta’s Office, Vol. 1 wherever you get your music.


4. Gracie Abrams – minor

Since I’m a ballads lover Gracie Abrams served me with her debut EP minor last year, the young and talented American singer-songwriter really can tell a story with her soft vocals and touching productions. Her seven-track EP minor was released last summer. I got obsessed with the tracks 21, which is a masterpiece and I miss you, I’m sorry, which makes a cry session is inevitable. The fans also enjoyed the tracks: Friend, Long Sleeves, and the title track minor. Ballads lovers this EP is ours, enjoy.


3. Georgia Ku – REAL

The English singer and songwriter fascinated me with her debut EP REAL, for real. This body of work is overwhelmingly good. Besides the included hit singles Lighthouse, What Do I Do, Ever Really Know it also gives you joy with the powerhouse love-anthem Hold Me Close. After co-writing songs for famous artists like Iggy Azalea, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and many more. REAL was Georgia Ku’s time to shine and she blinded some eyes for sure, including mine.


2. Troye Sivan – In A Dream

Do I really have to introduce the Australian singer-songwriter? If you don’t know him yet welcome to 2021. My baby boy Troye Sivan went for an EP instead of releasing his third studio album last year. However, I think fans prefer quality over quantity. Therefore, we only got seven electro-pop tracks from mister Sivan, including the singles: Easy, which just got remixed by Mark Ronson, Take Yourself Home, and Rager teenager!. I mostly enjoyed the sex anthem STUD and the uplifting title-track IN A DREAM. It’s a great pop EP with diverse futuristic and nostalgic productions.


1. Kyd the Band – Season 2: Character Development

I’m thankful for having discovered this insanely talented male artist Kyd the Band last year. I first saw him as the support act for Lennon Stella in Zurich in February before the pandemic really started in Europe. Even though I never heard a single song of him, he really impressed me with his live performance and songs, which offer a major lyrical depth. In 2020 he actually released an EP trilogy Season 1-3. I must admit that the songs on Season 2 are all masterpieces. It includes the singles Easy ft. Elley Duhé, Heartbreak Anthem ft. gnash, Dark Thoughts, This Time Last Year and Human. Even the non-single ballad Hard Feelings manages to come through. I love his vocals, the story-telling lyrics and his dreamy dark productions on this EP. Please go and check it out, you won’t regret it!


Top 20 Pop Albums of 2020 Coming Soon!!


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