Introducing: Amanda Spvde – What It Is

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing the Canadian, Toronto-based R&B pop artist Amanda Spvde (26). She just has released her new single What It Is on the 11th of September. Amanda is not only a beautiful young woman but also a talented singer and songwriter.


Amanda caught attention by a very young age from her surrounding for her singing abilities. By the age of 13, she performed Hurt by Christina Aguilera in front of a live audience and managed to fascinate them all with her talent. Since then she puts a lot of effort and emotions into her passion. Amanda had her debut almost a year ago with her single Overwhelmed, a dreamy-pop breakup song with R&B influences, in which she is showcasing her powerful vocals. Overwhelmed was played in many radio stations from London to New York. Its symbolic music video has reached over 20K views on YouTube so far.

On her more emotional second single Other Girls, she is speaking to her ex and letting him know that he has messed up. Her raw vocals go deep on this dark R&B track. Following Other Girls, her third single Better Off was released in May this year. She’s clearly trying to move on from a past relationship on this catchier track. The story-telling lyrics and the upbeat production match her deep vocals perfectly.


Currently, Amanda is working on her debut EP and the new melancholic foretaste is called What It Is, released as the 4th single on September 11. What It Is is darker and calmer compared to her prior releases. In the lyrics, she is directly warning her boyfriend to behave right and admitting to him that she can get really crazy if he ever should cheat on her. As she sings in the chorus: “You must have forgot who you’re even dealing with. You know how my crazy gets; it is what it is”.

You should definitely subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on her socials. Alongside her original music, she also shares many covers of other famous pop artists like Billie Eilish, Beyonce and Rihanna. Her medley of Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato got me shook, linked at the end.


Amanda Spvde is an emerging singer and songwriter, who mixes pop and R&B elements to create her own original sound. Therefore, her music is appealing to both audiences. Give her a listen and check out her music, all links down below.

Follow Amanda Spvde on:





TikTok: @amandaspvde




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