Introducing: KINGS – Time Heals

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing the Nashville-based emerging pop artist KINGS. She is better known for her social media presence on TikTok since she has over 3.6 Mio followers. But let me show you that Kings is more than just another social media star, who is starting to release music.

KINGS was born to become a singer, already with three years, she loved performing in front of her family. By the age of eight, she was writing her first songs. Her biggest aim and dream since then are to become a recording artist. As a little girl, she was fascinated and moved when her dad played her Bohemian Rhapsody by the Queen. Kings wanted to impress others the same way she was inspired by Queen. She defines music as her first love and first language while preferring music to communicate with her surroundings. Her family moved from a small town in North Carolina to Nashville, the city of songwriting, just to support their daughter’s dream and passion. It didn’t take long, and Kings was already working with Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers. At the same time, she focused on her social media presence to grow a certain fan base. Especially on TikTok where she shares fun entertaining content with millions of people today. With her new yellow hairstyle, she is definitely also an eye-catcher on the streets.


Kings gets the inspiration for her music from her personal experiences like breakups and fake friends. She had her debut with the single call me when you grow up in June this summer. As seen in the title, she has a clear message. She doesn’t want to date a boy. She is looking for a real man, who can handle a relationship. The dynamic beat production and her angry vocals during the chorus create a vibe you don’t want to miss. This upbeat rock-pop track would also fit into any summer playlist perfectly. Add it to your playlist before fall arrives!


On her new single Time Heals, released on the 31st of July, Kings is getting more personal and opens up her heart, represented with emotional lyrics. She claims that time hasn’t done any healing in her case and that she is just getting better at pretending to be ok. This rock ballad is a beautiful breakup song for the fall season.

Kings describes the personal meaning as followed: Writing the song Time Heals broke me out of the situation I was mentally trying to escape from for years. I came out of a relationship that left me numb inside, yet I was always telling everyone I was doing great. I never wanted to fall for anyone when I was this young. I knew who I was as a person, but part of my identity was wrapped around these feelings. I really do believe everyone can heal, but scars don’t go away. Time alone couldn’t get me through this. At the end of the day, a mix of many things, including this song, helped me heal.

I love it when musicians use their songwriting process as their therapy and come out with personal and relatable songs. For her first two releases, Kings worked with the Nashville-based songwriters Ethan Hulse and Nick Schwarz. Kings is definitely not another social media star, who releases music just to make money. The quality of her music speaks for itself; you have to check it out! She is talented and a good example of how to build a fan base on social media as an upcoming recording artist. I love her music so far and I’m excited to listen to her next releases.


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