Introducing: Devin Kennedy

The young talented singer, songwriter and producer Devin Kennedy (23) released his latest single Deep Sh*t on the 23rd of July. In this blog post, I’ll introduce to you the LA-based pop artist and we will talk about his new summer track Deep Sh*t.

Devin grew up in a musical world. While having a professional pianist as a grand-father and a father in the music industry, it didn’t take long and Devin started playing the guitar and the drums. As a teenager, Devin was more into rock music and a big fan of John Mayer and Fall Out Boy. Later on, he studied songwriting and producing in multiple genres at the Berklee College of Music.

By the age of 18, Devin became friends with James Maslow (Big Time Rush) and used to be on road for concerts and promo tours with him as his guitarist. Before he started his solo music career, he also used to be a member of different pop-punk bands for several years.


Devin had his debut in 2018 with the release of the dynamic dark-pop track Waste of Time. In the same year he kept releasing new music, Devin even sold out his first LA headline show. In October 2019 he shared his four-track debut EP called You & Me, That’s Enough with the fans, which includes the singles No Worries,a beautiful acoustic love song, and Something Bout That Feeling, a relatable introspective sad-pop track. Both of the songs have over 270K streams on Spotify today.

The EP was followed by the release of Happy Yet in February this year. Devin wrote this personal storytelling catchy slow song about comparing yourself to strangers on social media, which negatively affects our mental health. Devin has also many music videos on his YouTube channel. The most-viewed music video is for Happy Yet. But you also have to check out the music videos for Something Bout That Feeling (Home Video), in which you can see childhood footage of Devin. But also, the video for his song Champagne For Two. Devin is giving away roses to strangers on the walk of fame in Hollywood, some reactions of the people are hilarious.

You can also find some covers on his YouTube channel of the artists: Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran. He also shares – how I made – videos of his songs. In April during the quarantine, he even has covered the viral TikTok song death bed (coffee for your head) by Powfu with his songwriter friend Anna Hamilton, which has reached over 57K views so far.


The new single Deep Sh*t is definitely a summer jam, it will take you to a beach near you immediately. However, the lyrics are more referring to a hot summer night. Devin is singing about how a girl makes him feel in love and he really doesn’t want to mess it up with her. He enjoys every moment around her but as soon as she’s gone, he feels deep sh*t. The groovy song production and his tender vocals bring the song to life. The track was co-produced by Devin, which is the case for all of his solo music.

Devin introduces the song as followed: “Deep Sh*t is for the carefree spirit that we all have within us. Telling someone how you feel can be terrifying. This song is about taking that leap of faith and letting that person know, regardless of the outcome.”

The music video for Deep Sh*t is out now! Enjoy some summer and beach vibes!


Devin hasn’t just been writing for himself lately, he also has co-written and produced for other artists. Ben Platt – (Everything I Did To Get To You) still on repeat, Alex Aiono (Filling Shoes), James Maslow (All Day). And it’s exciting for me since I listened to these songs and artists before I actually discovered Devin’s solo music. Regarding Devin’s music career I see so much potential. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. We will wait and see until then let’s stream his music and follow him in his socials to support him.

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