Introducing: Chase Cimala – Merry Go Round

In this blog post, I’ll introduce to you the young talented pop artist Chase Cimala (19). The independent singer has just released his 4th single Merry Go Round today. Growing up in a small town, specifically in Somerset, Kentucky, and having big dreams challenged Chase to start his musical journey.

He explains, “I grew up in such a wonderful town that the people there never leave… Most people don’t even think it’s a possibility to achieve anything more than what they’ve seen. I want to change the narrative for every kid who has settled because they’ve been told they can’t. Because I know they can.”


Chase also tells about his struggle finding himself and embracing his passion for music in a conservative surrounding:

“I felt like there was more to life than what I was seeing around me. Fast forward a couple of years, turns out I was right. As a kid, I always tried to hide my passion for music in fear of what people would think of me. Where I’m from, you don’t see many kids (especially boys) into the arts — it was very much a sports town. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I realized girls love singers, and it all clicked. It was in that moment that I found not only a new brand of self-confidence but also a new (and for the first time in my life), authentic self-identity.”

Well, girls definitely love boys that do music. Just let me mention few names here like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Maluma and don’t make me start with former boy band members. Since Chase was in his school’s football team, and they even won the championship, he is a great example to show that boys can do sports and music at the same time. He literally is Riverdale’s Archie just in real life.

Chase admits loving jazz music and that his vocals are often compared to Frank Sinatra when he is singing some classics. However, he loves today’s pop music and culture, genres like bubble-gum pop, and the extravagant superstar looks. Therefore, he wants to represent both worlds as an artist a mixture of classic jazz and modern pop music. So far, he is proud to have 12K monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 7.5K followers on Instagram.


Now let’s look at his already released songs! Chase actually has started his music career this year in January with his debut single Out in the Cold, which he really did release on his 19th birthday. In this beautiful serenade, Chase is singing to a girl. He just wants to know if she is feeling the same. Even though he doesn’t want to get hurt by her or waste his time with her, he still prays for her to become his girlfriend.

The second single Love Is Blind dropped on Valentine’s Day, a breakup electro-pop song. It’s bad enough to be single on Valentine’s day and I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be left with a broken heart. However, Chase admits in the chorus that he was blinded in love and didn’t realize how toxic the relationship was.

His last single Cheers To My Teenage Years, in which Chase is appreciating his teenage years and celebrates his graduation from high school. It was released in April and has already reached over 135K streams on Spotify. I think it’s a great relatable song especially for all the classes of 2020, which unfortunately couldn’t have proper graduation. At least they can listen to this song and feel uplifted. In fall Chase is going to study commercial songwriting at the Middle Tennessee State University. I wish him a lot of luck and success on his way.


Chase is excited to share his 4th single Merry Go Round with his fans. With this rock n roll pop track, Chase brings joy to your summer nights. He wrote the song with the Grammy-winning producer Mitch Dane. Chase will make you and your loved ones move to this upbeat love song for sure. His soft vocals during the bridge will melt your heart and the instrumental part will take you back in time. You can stream and buy it everywhere now!

Chase has been working on new music as we can see. I’m sure he also kept songwriting during the quarantine. So, follow him and don’t miss his musical journey. He is one of the artists to look forward to.

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