Spotify Playlist: Quarantine Party Hits – Summer 2020

In this blog post, I’m going to present to you my Spotify Summer 2020 playlist called Quarantine Party Hits. As I already did for the last two summers, I wanted to create a summer playlist for you guys again. I had so many dreams and plans for summer 2020, guess what? Yes, they all got canceled due to the pandemic. But the summer must go on! I don’t care if you’re spending the entire summer in your apartment or chilling on your balcony. No matter what you deserve a good playlist, which will bring the beach parties to your ears. This was the intention behind every track. If I didn’t catch any summer feelings and vibes with a track, then it didn’t make it to my playlist. So, I wanted to make sure that you can escape to your dream vacation just by listening. Before you go and check out the playlist on Spotify, let me tell you what’s waiting for you! You’ll find all the mentioned songs in the playlist!


First of all, some famous artists are already slaying this summer with their newest releases. One of them is the Generous Queen Nicki Minaj. Come on she made history, first with the remix for Say So collaborating with Doja Cat. Then she gained her 2nd #1 with Trollz. And please let’s don’t forget about last winter’s hit single Tusa when she collaborated with the Latin artist Karol G. Speaking of Karol G, can we please all celebrate her breakthrough in 2020, thanks! Her new collaboration X with the Jonas Brothers is for my ears definitely the summer track of 2020. Let’s move on with Lady Gaga, I mean she released Chromatica just some weeks ago and if we’re not dancing to Rain On Me or Stupid Love this season, then I don’t know what else we’re doing this summer either.


2020 is definitely the year of collaborations, famous pop artists collaborating together, with a rapper, or with a famous EDM producer like Diplo, Felix Jaehn, Kygo, and Tiësto just to give us the best tunes. I’m not a good music blogger if I cannot name talented producers you probably don’t know yet. Just like Sunlike Brothers, Andrew Hurth, Ljung, and Nick Talos. You can find all their summer hits on the playlist.

Who of you misses One Direction? While waiting and hoping for their reunion you can stream Watermelon Sugar by Harry and No Judgement by Niall in the playlist as well. We’re definitely going worldwide this summer. Well represented by the electro-dance track Universe by Tiki Lau. That’s why I also had to feature some non-English tracks like the remix for Djadja by the French artist Aya Nakamura ft. Maluma. I’m in love with this one. Who of you watched ÉLITE on Netflix? Do you also have a major crush on Aron Piper like me? Well, he is also a rapper and you can stream his newest sensual collaboration called Prendiendo Fuego in the playlist. I also want to give a shoutout to the Swiss female artist Mibsy and her summer track Mon Chéri. You’ll love it and dance to it for sure.


Ok, before I end this blog post, let me also mention some indie artists. You’ll love the single Honey In The Summer by the pop-rock band PUBLIC. And I’m sure you have heard their TikTok viral track Make You Mine before. Call The Preacher by the indie-pop artist Brian Walker is another catchy summer track you don’t want to miss on the playlist. Last but not least, Dounia will take you to Maui with her tropical track Mars or Maui. So, it’s time for me to leave you alone with the playlist. There are many other songs I didn’t mention go check them out. Feel free to share the playlist with your friends and loved ones. Summer 2020 isn’t going the way we have expected but let’s make the best of it! Have a nice summer, much love, Eren.


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