Introducing: Frankie Zulferino – Say Less

In this blog post, I’m going to introduce to you the incredibly talented New York based Frankie Zulferino. He is a singer, performer, dancer, choreographer, male model and a dance teacher. He is everything you would look for in a Super Star. This fascinating man released his new single Say Less on the 6th of March 2020 alongside a hot dance music video. With Say Less Frankie brings back the disco to everyone’s living room during this time of self-isolation. Believe me, even your grandma will dance to this song from her quarantine.


Frankie describes his new single as:

“Growing up in New York my mom always loved disco music, she constantly had it playing in the car. Since then, it’s always been one of my favorite eras of music, there is just something about the energy and mood that makes you feel alive. When I went into the studio to work on Say Less, I wanted to bring that feel-good joy back to music, infused with my style and direction. It also features a dance break in the bridge, which was super important to me, because dance is a huge inspiration in my music and my life!”

I really want you to watch the music video now before you continue reading!

Now since you’ve watched the music video, you would also agree that this man can sing and dance like a professional. He’s a real super talent, I told you so. Now let’s get to know him better.


He grew up in a middle-class family in Staten Island, New York. His dad was a NYC fireman and his mom a nurse. Frankie started in a boyband called WOW. They toured all around the US, Canada and Europe. Then he started his solo career and he managed to get his name out in the music industry while working with many different producers, managers and agents. He auditioned for the TV shows The X-FACTOR and The NEXT. After passing on both shows, he chose to be on the second one where Joe Jonas was his coach. Regarding touring Frankie opened for artists like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Westlife and Jason Derulo.


Right now, he’s counting more than 56K monthly listeners on Spotify and 37K followers on his Instagram account. Next to his music career, Frankie is a successful choreographer. His students even made it to the semi-finals on the TV show America’s Got Talent. He teaches students all over the US and aims to inspire them to fight and live their dreams

Now let me show you some pictures of him.

I must warn you; it might get really hot in here!

Fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, am I right? However, it’s hard to believe but Frankie didn’t always look like that. Check out his statement here:

“Though most people see me now and think “I HAVE IT ALL,” it wasn’t always the case. When I was younger, I was teased in school for dancing. It wasn’t popular for boys to dance, plus I had to deal with my insecurities with being chubby and having no confidence in myself. Dance and music were my outlets. When things went wrong, I turned to perform. It has gotten me through everything in my life. I constantly fought to break the barriers. I was not the best dancer. I was not the best singer. I was not the best looking. For a long time, I was the chubby kid with the braces and glasses that no one believed in. I will never forget one of my first auditions when I was told I was fat, had braces and should come back next year. I never felt down on myself, though. I used the pain as fuel to my fire and every second, every minute, every day, every year, I became a better version of me.”


Frankie Zulferone is a real role model and inspiration for every young man. I hope that you also became a fan of Frankie after reading this blog post. His debut album is planned for later 2020. Therefore, follow him and stay updated, so you know when he goes on tour after this Corona crisis is over.


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