Christopher – Concert Review

I’ve been a fan of Christopher (28) since my teenage years and I still love his music. He used to be the cute Danish pop singer. He still is, just in a hotter young man version. I first noticed him in 2012 with his beautiful cover of Call Your Girlfriend by the famous Swedish singer Robyn. Since then I kept listening to his musical projects. He has released four albums so far and they’re all top 5 in Denmark. He wasn’t really out of his home country for touring so far. Therefore, it was his first concert ever in Switzerland and I was beyond happy he brought his European Tour to Zurich. It was my chance to finally see him live, so I immediately bought a ticket for myself.


The concert was on the 19th of February in Exil, Zurich. It’s a venue for artists with small fanbases. I’ve also seen international artists like The Score and Justin Jesso live there last year. However, Exil is perfect for artists to interact with their fans. The door opening was at 7.00 p.m. Me as the early bird was twenty past seven inside and standing and waiting at the left corner of the stage. Yes, I was on my own for this concert or let’s say Christopher was my company. There was a merch stand with some nice designs but I didn’t have the opportunity to check the prices, sorry. When it was time for the support act, I only counted around thirty people in the room. The fans are of all ages. I know he’s not that famous in Switzerland but I was expecting more people to show up.


Support Act

The support act Daniel Schulz (22), the young talented Danish newcomer, started his short set at 7.30 p.m. Before he sang his first song, he welcomed us with a sweet hi everybody and asked us to stand closer to the stage. He was a little nervous when he talked to us but you couldn’t notice his stage fright during his singing. Daniel sang four songs for us amongst others Bad Company, On Me and Turn Back Time. He was very cute and talkative, he told us that he didn’t know three weeks ago that he was going to tour with Christopher all around Europe. Also that he was a big fan of Chris himslef but that they’re close friends now. He was very honored to be performing for us and also having his first visit to Switzerland. He left the stage after twenty minutes gaining a lot of new fans for sure.


Christopher’s Performance

Meanwhile, there were more people in the crowd, probably around a hundred. While we were waiting for the Danish pop star, a cool playlist was played including songs by Justin Bieber and 1D. A quarter past eight an intro track and some visuals caught our attention, in which Christopher talked about the psychological and universal effects of music. Then he appeared on stage following his bandmates with a big smile on his face and a lot of contagious energy. He opened his set with the hot and sexy track Monogamy and made everyone sweat. So, he already had to take off his jacket for the rest of the night. He introduced his personal song Irony with a social message about the bad influence of smartphone usage. I love this song so much, especially the lyrics. Then he played the acoustic guitar to perform his new single Ghost, the way he sang falsetto during this song was incredible. Everyone was shocked by his talent, he’s not only a pop singer, he’s also a real vocalist. Christopher continued his set with the upbeat fan-favorites High and Real Life. The stage was literally too small for him, he was dancing and jumping around all the time.


Christopher didn’t only make us dance, he slowed down with the ballads Just Kiss Me and Mama. He played the electric guitar while fascinating everyone with his angel-like vocals. He also told us that Just Kiss Me was actually written for Leona Lewis but he really had to have this song for his own album. During the ballads, the crowd accompanied him with their flashlights. The storytelling Grow Up was also a touching moment, he sang about missing the times when he was younger.


Later on, Christopher brought back high energy with the funky upbeat track Told You So. He admitted that he usually doesn’t play in such small venues and that he didn’t know how many people would show up to his concert in Switzerland, but he loved our energy and promised to come back for us. After the romantic slow love songs The Chancer and My Heart, Exil was turned into a night club when he performed his dance tracks Twerk It Like Miley and CPH Girls. Christopher made everyone go crazy to these scratchy electro-pop tracks. After performing for 70 minutes he closed the set with his fan-favorite Bad.


Luckily, he came back for an encore and played I Won’t Let You Down for his Swiss fans. I wish he also performed Let Us Love his recent collaboration with Topic, which is my favorite song by him. Maybe next time since he promised to be back next year. I loved every single minute of the concert. It was just perfect the way he interacted with the fans and performed his songs. I got nothing to criticize about. His bandmates are also very talented, especially his back vocalist can sing just as well as him. Their synergy as a band was adorable. I really wish Christopher the international success for his music career that he deserves. I hope to see him again next year in a bigger venue with more fans. Check out my Instagram for some concert videos.


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