Jonas Brothers: Happiness Begins Tour – Concert Review

My first concert of 2020 was the Jonas Brothers on their Happiness Begins Tour. To see Nick Jonas live was definitely on my bucket list but since their reunion last year, it was clear I’d see them all as a band, the better for me. I knew them since their Disney days but actually became a fan during Nick and Joe’s solo careers. Last spring, when I saw that the tickets for their upcoming tour were in sale, I bought a golden circle ticket for myslef immediately.


The concert was on the 13th of February in Hallenstadion, Zurich. It was a cold rainy windy day. The door opening was at 6 p.m., so I was standing in the queue at 5 p.m. The staff didn’t even let us in on time, a quarter past six they opened the first doors. I was accompanied by my friend Mikeol, but I also met my friends Jenny and Myriam there, even made a new friend, shoutout to Sarah. The energy and chemistry of us was just right. Luckily, my friends and I were one of the first fans, who got in. Therefore, we all could gather a place at the separation between the right and left golden circles, we knew that the Jonas Brother would walk right there to reach the b-stage. The only problem was the endless amount of waiting. We even got bored and lost our motivation for the support acts.


Support Acts

The first support act was the handsome Jordan McGraw (34). He appeared at 7.50 p.m. on the stage and infected us all with his high energy. I must admit that I didn’t know him before. I just found out that he’s the son of the famous TV psychologist Dr. Phil. After some attempts of forming a band, Jordan must have decided to start his solo career. I can say that this guy rocks and I’m not saying this due to the fact that our fingers touched later that night when he walked by the golden circle. I assume that he is friends with the Jonas Brothers since Joe directed the music video for his single Flexible. It’s a great song, you better check it out! He performed for 25 minutes and kept the energy high. So did his bandmates, the key player even did some pushups on the floor. In the middle of his set Jordan took off his jacket and all the girls were screaming. He presented his full arm tattoos while wearing his white tank top. Jordan also drunk to the night and said cheers. He closed his set with his new single We Should Still Be Friends.


Ten minutes after Jordan left, the second support act the Irish rock-pop band Picture This appeared. They opened the set with their upbeat single When We Were Young. The interactions between the bandmates were hilarious. A special moment was when the lead singer announced Take My Hand, which is the first song they wrote together as a band. Every time the lead singer spoke to us, he was very polite and grateful, he almost sounded like a royal prince. After performing for half an hour they left the stage. Check out their newest single Winona Ryder.


Jonas Brothers Performance

After waiting another thirty minutes, at 9.30 p.m. the lights were turned off and we got excited for the three men of the night. An intro video was played on the big screen and suddenly the brothers, who stood on a platform decreased to the main stage. They opened the night with their fan-favorite Rollercoaster. Right after, they were standing in the middle like three princes and everyone was just cheering them. No words were spoken, so they continued with S.O.S. and kept the high energy of the crowd. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for them. They seemed to be in poor health. Maybe the bad weather conditions in Europe affected them while traveling. You could tell this from time to time especially by Nick’s vocals and attitude. However, they tried their best to give the fans what they came for. Then it was time for their singles Cool and Only Human, and yes Cool sounds so much better live. After a short welcoming speech by Joe, they performed Strangers and two older songs. Their first set ended with their newest radio hit single What A Man Gotta Do and everyone was singing and dancing along.


After a quick costume change by Nick and Joe, Kevin held a speech about their comeback and thanked us for showing the same love and support as we did years ago. During Used To Be they walked through the golden circle on their way to the b-stage. This moment was my highlight of the night since my hands were centimeters away from touching them. But the brothers avoided physical contact with the fans, no hands touching. You could clearly see how they hold their guitars and mics with two hands or put their hands into their pockets. This is understandable due to the recent coronavirus epidemic around the globe. At least I got eye contact with Nick Jonas and he kind of smiled at me <3.


On the b-stage Joe sung Gotta Find You and took us all back to Camp Rock and I was 12 again. It was a romantic lovely moment for everyone. Joe and Kevin left Nick alone up there after performing Hesitate together. It was Nick’s time to shine with his smash hit single Jealous. For the second half of the song, he walked back to the main stage to sing it with Joe and they really nailed the high vocals. Then Joe literally got the party started with Cake by the Ocean, confetti and flying balloon men popped up from everywhere. This led to the end of their second set.


They literally came back for the third set with their song Comeback. Kevin played the grand piano just like in the short visual they showed us during the break. With their more classy and extravagant looks, the third set was all about nostalgia and slow love songs like When You Look Me In The Eyes and I Believe. During I Believe they went on the b-stage again to perform a medley of their older songs. Nick even apologized that they had to cancel their first-ever show in Switzerland 12 years ago, because of his health condition. He also promised to come back soon. Back on the main stage, it was time for the upbeat fan favorites Lovebug and their rock-pop cover Year 3000. Afterward, they left the stage but we all knew there will be an encore.


The encore was another highlight of the night for me. They played my favorite song Burnin’ up and their reunion lead single Sucker. During Burnin’ up the golden circle was literally on fire. Every time they had fire onstage, I could feel the heat on my skin. I can’t imagine the people standing in the first row. Since the radio stations still play Sucker ten times a day, it was the right song to end the concert. And then suddenly the three brothers disappeared and the concert just felt like a dream.


Starting with the first song they used the stage very well. The brothers switched sides multiple times; they were almost marching from right to left all the time. They didn’t dance and also had no dancers. Their setlist was satisfying, the only thing that disappointed was their energy. I loved their merch but had no time to buy anything since the concert ended very late and I had to rush to the train station. Check out my Instagram for some concert videos.

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