Interview: Andrew Hurth – DJ and Producer

In this blog post, I’ll be interviewing Andrew Hurth (24) Italian DJ and music producer. We will chat about his music, lifestyle, and plans for 2020.

Dear Andrew welcome on my blog. I’m glad we finally have our interview together. We planned this already last November and now the time has come. First of all, thank you for reaching out to me. I’m always open to discover new artists. Since October 2015 you’re releasing your own music and I enjoyed listening to all of your latest singles on Spotify. Before we talk more about your music let’s get to know you first.


How would you describe yourself and your music in 5 words?

I like to describe myself and my music with the following words: simple, energetic, different, creative, kind & sweet.

I’m just curious about your name, it’s not Italian. Is it your artist name or real name, if so what’s your real name?

My real name is Andrea Cavallo, while my artist name Hurth was born by chance. Like I mentioned before I like to be creative.

What kind of music did you grow up with and which artists inspired you as a teenager?

I lived my teenage dream with the music of David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and Avicii. I think the latter inspired me a lot, especially in the lyrics’ mood and in the concepts I want to communicate.

How would you end the sentence: In school I was ……?

I was a nerd and recently I graduated in marketing.


Please name the first album you bought with your own money and the first concert you went on!

Try to guess! The first album I bought was 18 Months by Calvin Harris and my first concert was Alesso. 

How did you start producing music and becoming a DJ? Did your parents support your passion?

I started for fun by installing Fl Studio (my first love) on my pc, since that day I have never uninstalled it. Initially, I was so flooded by the desire to produce music that I used to stay awake until 4-5 a.m. Pure madness!!! I think that my family supported me and my passion. Moreover, they had a lot of patience with me, because I was on the computer day and night with loud music. They supported me throughout many difficulties, I owe them everything.


To which major DJs / producers are you looking up to?

I am a big fan of Robin Schulz, Klingande and Kygo. I follow a lot to Benny Benassi as well; he is an international Italian pioneer of dance music and we live in the same city.

I’m interested in your typical workday. How do you prepare yourself when you have a set in the evening?

I spend a lot of my time on the PC, during the week I usually dedicate myself to music production. Finally, on the weekends I dedicate the time to relationships with my fans, radios and DJ sets etc. My typical day has more than 24 hours. I’m completely overwhelmed by things to do, but it doesn’t matter cause I’m happy like this.


You have released your single Around Town almost a year ago. You did a great job on the production. I think it’s a smooth track, which spreads summer vibes. The lyrics are motivating and the vocals by Antonia Marquee fit in perfectly. Would you like to work with her again?

Around Town was a turning point and I think it’s a song, which is really appreciated by the fans. Antonia Marquee and I worked hard immediately to make it succeed. The results have arrived: many views, streams, interviews and radio plays. I think having such a good positive response from the fans is the best satisfaction for an artist. We will surely work together again.

Your latest release is Real, you shared it on the 29th of December with your fans. Can you tell us more about it?

Real tells the inner journey that each of us makes in their life, the desire of not giving up despite the harsh reality. It’s important to feel alive and always have a beating heart.

What are your dream collaborations? It can be any singer or another producer.

I would like to work one day with “big artists”, I hope to realize this dream soon. I’d like to work with talented singers, especially with Justin Jesso, I really appreciate him.


It’s time for this or that!

Pizza or Pasta? Pizza

Spotify or Netflix? Spotify

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, I take 3 of them per day

Power House or Tropical House? Tropical

Playing in a club or at a festival? Festival

Winter or summer season? Summer!!!

Final Question. What are you most excited about to happen in 2020?

I’m excited to continue producing music, I hope it will be an amazing year. A new single named Hideaway will be released soon and there will be a surprise this summer. We have to continue to fight and give our best to fulfill our desires. It’s the wish that I give to the reader.

Thank you, Andrew, so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you the best for your musical career in 2020.


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