Top 20 Pop Albums of 2019 (Part 1)

The new year has started and we’re already getting new music from our favorite artists. But for this blog post let’s look at the albums I personally enjoyed listening in 2019. It wasn’t easy to rank them but I did it. Don’t judge me if your #1 album isn’t higher positioned in my chart.


  1. Greyson Chance – portraits

Greyson Chance had his comeback in 2019 with his 2nd studio album portraits. Once a super talented shy boy, who got attention for his Lady Gaga cover Paparazzi. Now a grown confident openly gay man, still super talented and not afraid to sing about his relationships. Portraits is his musical story-telling dairy. I personally enjoyed most of the songs on the album, the singles are too underrated.

Must listen: shut up, yours, black on black, timekeeper


  1. MARINA – Love + Fear

MARINA is another artist to have her comeback last year but this time without the diamonds. If I’m honest, I didn’t know her before. However, with her new body of work, she gained me as a fan. Love + Fear is her way to breakdown human emotions into two major feelings. She sounds fresh, original, empowering and dared in her new music.

Must listen: Orange Trees, Karma, To Be Human, Life Is Strange


  1. Pull n Way – Colours (Deluxe)

The Swiss electro-pop girl duo Pull n Way had their debut with Colours in 2019. It was their year to introduce themselves. For their debut album, they did a great job. The mix of EDM and pop music is well represented in their dance beats and catchy lyrics. But the girls proofed that they can also sing touching ballads. I’m looking forward to their next projects.

Must listen: Memento, Startin’ Over, Start Me Up (Joyride), Anything, I Never Wanna Work You Out, You & Me, Loved By You, Fading

Check out the album review


  1. Melanie Martinez – K12

She also finally came back with her 2nd visual album and relieved her fans. In K-12 Melanie takes you back to high school, on a journey of finding your purpose and power. With almost too childish beats and clever message full lyrics, she manages to impress everyone. Not only with the music also with the movie.

Must listen: The Principal, Drama Club, Strawberry Shortcake, Lunchbox Friends, Orange Juice, High School Sweethearts


  1. Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne had one of the most underrated comebacks with her 6th studio album Head Above Water. Even though her album was a well-produced contribution to today’s pop music. It couldn’t sell much and probably didn’t manage to reach out to the younger generation. Since I’m a fan of her I was glad about a new release and I also enjoyed most of the tracks. Now I’m excited to see her live for the first time this spring.

Must listen: Head Above Water, Birdie, I Fell In Love With The Devil, Dumb Blonde, Warrior


  1. Jax Jones – Snacks (Supersize)

I never ever could have ignored the debut album by the English DJ, producer and songwriter Jax Jones. It’s rather a collection of his singles released since 2016 but it also includes new music. Personally, I think the album is perfect for a dance party. Catchy lyrics, dynamic beats and most important collaborations with huge artists like Demi Lovato, Mabel, Bebe Rexha, Tove Lo and more.

Must listen: House Work, Ring Ring, Instruction, Play, Breathe, All Day And Night, This Is Real


  1. Lena – Only Love, L (More Love Edition)

The German pop artist Lena released her 5th studio album and suddenly I became a fan. Because her new album is everything, it’s dreamy, inspirational and most importantly personal. This project was Lena’s chance to become more than just a German act and I think she really deserves worldwide recognition. So, you better check her out.

Must listen: thank you, life was a beach, note to myself, don’t lie to me, skinny bitch, boundaries, Better


  1. Ashley Tisdale – Symptoms

Here we have another underrated comeback. Surprise! Ashley Tisdale is really back after 10 years. Crazy but true and her new music is mature and personal. She sings about her mental health and her marriage. I’m actually proud of her to have released such an honest project. I wish she had more success. However, her track Feeling So Good was my most-streamed song of last year and it definitely should have been a single.

Must listen: Feeling So Good, Symptoms, Love Me & Let Me Go, True Romance, Voices in My Head


12.Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Ok, now you’re at the part where you can hate me for ranking this album just #12. I’m honest and I tell you why. I actually enjoyed only her singles but the rest of the album has literally no replay value for me. I don’t get it how people can listen to her experimental scratchy and creepy songs. I like Billie but her music is not my type. It’s not what I could listen to on a daily basis.

Must listen: when the party’s over, you should see me in a crown, bad guy, all the good girls go to hell, wish you were gay


  1. Machine Gun Kelly – Hotel Diablo

You know that I don’t really listen to rap music but somehow, I have so much sympathy for MGK. His new album was just amazing. He knows exactly how to make a rap album also to sound like pop. His verses are like real talks honest and direct. MGK is one of the most underrated white male rappers in the US. Period. However, he’s always continuing to release new music and deliver for his fans without disappointing them.

Must listen: Glass House, Hollywood Whore, I Think I’m Okay, el Diablo, Death In My Pocket, Candy, 5:3666

Part 2 (Top 10) coming soon


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