Top 10 Pop EPs of 2019

Some of my friends ask me what’s an EP. It’s simple, just imagine an album with a handful of songs. EPs are great for newcomer artists to introduce themselves, but they also got more popular in today’s streaming era. Some big artists are literally scared to release a full-length album because the fans consume music like daily meals. Therefore, it’s more advantageous to release 4 – 6 songs at the same time instead of 10-14 tracks at once. I’d be an ignorant music blogger if I didn’t give the recognition to the EPs, I enjoyed listening in 2019. So, here we go these are my favorite EPs of last year.


  1. The Score – Pressure

The rock-pop duo released an EP full of empowering anthems. I love their motivational lyrics and their confidence-boosting tracks. Pressure is perfect for the gym session if you want to push yourself to your limits or in the morning if you struggle to get out of the bed. I also had the chance to see them live on tour last year and their energy on stage is unbelievable.

Must listen: Stronger, Born For This, The Fear

Check out the concert review: Here


  1. Carlie Hanson – Junk

She is confident, honest and friendly. Her debut EP Junk represents all these values. I literally fell in love with her music, especially with her personal and story-telling lyrics. She’s the kind of female pop artist I missed. I streamed the track WYA on repeat since I can relate with this reflective pop-ballad. You should definitely keep an eye on this girl in this decade.

Must listen: WAY, Cigarettes, Hazel


  1. Julia Michaels – Inner Monologue Part 2

Honest and storytelling is also Julia Michaels. She opens up about romance, heartbreak, mental health, body issues and self-love in her Inner Monologue project. After going to her concert I really think she is one of the most authentic and sweetest female pop artists of our time. Her talent for songwriting speaks for itself.

Must listen: Body, Hurt Again, Falling For Boys, 17

Check out the concert review: Here


  1. Bravo – Cotton Candy Skies

I’m so glad I discovered this boy last year. He did everything right for his 3rd EP. Simple and smooth productions for touching breakup songs. You’ll feel consistent harmony and warmth inside while listening to his enchanting vocals. Since you can’t get enough, Cotton Candy Skies will make you stream on repeat.

Must listen: Losing Daylight, Gone, Skyfall


  1. Jean Castel – Wish You Well

Originally dark and impulsive is Jean Castel on his debut EP Wish You Well. He manages to impress with well written romantic lyrics and self-produced tracks. Jean Castel will take you on a foggy journey, which will lead to a realization about love or leave a lot of open questions left.

Must listen: Wish You Well, Through the Light, Saying a Lot

Check out the EP review: Here


  1. Miley Cyrus – SHE IS COMING

Miley is one of the big artists, who also went for an EP-project instead of releasing an album. I’m totally fine with it if she keeps releasing good music as she did on the first part of her EP-trilogy. Miley didn’t hold back a style of her music, she gave us the entire spectrum. Starting with scratchy pop sound in the lead single Mother’s Daughter, dreamy-pop sound in Unholy & D.R.E.A.M. Continuing with the aggressive rap gay-anthem Cattitude and she even gave us back to the roots vibes with her emotional country-pop track The Most.

Must listen: Mother’s Daughter, Unholy, D.R.E.A.M., The Most


  1. Lost Stars – Sirens + Light

I had no idea this band existed until I had to check out their music for an interview. Suddenly I fell in love with their pop-rock sound, with their lyrics and energy. I wish I knew them from the start but better too late than never. Their songs are dynamic and powerful, the lyrics are profound and motivating. If you’re looking for tracks to put on repeat here you go.

Must Listen: Never Getting Over You, No Turning Back, Legacy

Check out my interview with Lost Stars: Here


  1. Gavin Haley – Long Game

OMG. I’m so sorry for you if you haven’t heard his name before. Gavin Haley isn’t only a talented singer, he’s also like a cute social media brother for his fans. I really developed a bond with him and his music in 2019. Gavin’s EP is relatable, pure, calming, tender and emotional. On a rainy day at home or while taking a nature walk, do yourself a favor and check out Long Game.

Must listen: Low Beams, Show Me, The Way I Am, Scars and Tattoos.


  1. Justin Jesso – Let It Be Me

I still can’t believe I met him before and after his concert last fall in Zurich. Karma has done me favor maybe because it knew how much I love his songs. Justin doesn’t only score with his music but also with his great personality. He is adorable and made Switzerland his 2nd home since he’s coming back all the time. I definitely would give him a citizenship if I could. “JUSTIN JESSO” you better know his name in 2020.

Must Listen: My Body, Getting Closer, One Good Reason, Let it Be Me

Check out my concert review: Here


  1. Julia Michaels – Inner Monologue Part 1

Julia Michaels again, because she’s a songwriting genius and let’s be real part 1 was much better than part 2. She literally saved pop music in 2019 with this EP. Nice pop productions with personal relatable lyrics, perfect to sing along, collabs with Selena Gomez and Niall Horan. IMP1 was just perfect. Since I saw her live as well last fall, I can guarantee that she’s also a great live performer. I’m ready for part 3. Are You?

Must Listen: every single song on the EP

Check out the EP review: Here

Which EP did you enjoy the most last year?


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