Sophia Angeles: Miss You More – Single Review

Sophia Angeles just has released her 3rd single Miss You More on the 11th of October. The young talented singer and songwriter from Arizona started showing interest for music with five years. Sophia had her first performance experiences with thirteen in her hometown. At 19 she decided to move to Nashville, to the city of great musicians and songwriters, to push her musical career. Sophia is fascinated by today’s pop music and is inspired by the successful female artists Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. In her music, she has a passion for catchy melodies and strong lyrics.


I first discovered Sophia with her upbeat electro-pop single Anybody Else, which was released last February and achieved over 137K streams on Spotify so far. I also had to catch up with her 2018 release Interested, which definitely would have made it to my favorites playlist. Sophia is counting more than 7K monthly listeners on Spotify and with her artistic Instagram presence, she is ready for her international breakthrough.


When I first listened to her new single Miss You More, I described it as a well-known electro-pop track but the storytelling lyrics and her sweet vocals manage to make it sound original. Starting with the mysterious and emotive intro; the beat gets tropical during the first verse. The chorus and the drop will make you wish you could walk at the beach with your lover. But according to the lyrics you will miss this person more. So it’s an upbeat breakup song, in which Sophia admits missing her ex-boyfriend every time she is with her new lover. In the bridge, she wonders if her ex would pick up the phone if she called him. She really wants to tell him that she wants him back and that he is her cure. With only 2:45 minutes of a length, you get sad when the track is over. Therefore, you have to listen on repeat.


Sophia says: “This song means so much to me and it is one of the most real and honest songs I’ve ever written. I hope that it connects with people who are going through the same thing and that my vulnerability inspires others to express their feelings”.

The song is surely relatable for a lot of young women, who go through a painful heartbreak. She worked with the producer Matthew Boda for this release. I always appreciate honest personal lyrics by the artists. Now it’s your turn, go and listen to Miss You More wherever you can. Follow Sophia on her socials to be updated about new music and upcoming live performances.

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