Luis Fonsi: Vida World Tour – Concert Review

Luis Fonsi (41) would probably be one of the first artists that come to mind if I asked someone a male Latin artist. After 20 years of a music career, ten albums and more than fifty singles he deserves to be recognized. Unfortunately, I didn’t know him since the start. I first heard his name with his single Despacito but I was so annoyed that this track was played literally everywhere in 2017. Therefore, I never streamed it or watched the music video. For me, as a Lovatic, his collaboration with Demi Lovato on Échame La Culpa changed the game. This time I really enjoyed listening to this song, again and again, I still do. With the next singles Calypso and Sola, I can say that I definitely became a fan. When Luis Fonsi announced his Vida World Tour dates, I knew that it would be a great experience to see this Latin legend live on stage. I didn’t have many expectations since I’ve never seen any of his live videos and didn’t know his setlist.


Thanks to abc Production Switzerland my wish to see Luis Fonsi came true. I went to his concert in Zurich, Samsung Halle on the 13th of August. I went there with my dear friend Jordana. At 6.10 p.m. we were queuing in front of the hall. The door opening was at 6.30 p.m. and the security checks were suitably strict. We had enough time to grab us some drinks and snacks before the concert since we had balcony seats. The audience consisted of every age group but mostly adults and the teenagers could be found in the golden circle. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a merch stand and there also wasn’t a support act before his show.


Exact on time at 8 p.m. Luis Fonsi opened the night with his dance track Imposible ft. Ozuna. He had two male and two female dancers with him on the stage. His stage design consisted of a halved cube used as an upper platform, which had stairs at its corners. It was definitely an energetic start to the night. But instead of keeping this high party energy he preferred to sing his ballad Quien Te Dijo Eso next, which is a hit single from 2003, also a crowd favorite for sure. Then he switched again to an upbeat song this time it was Apaga La Luz from his new album Vida. For this song he had practiced a choreography, so he danced together with his dancers. As a Latin artist, he has to be able to dance right? During the fourth track Nada Es Para Siempre, he sang and played the guitar. While performing his rock n roll hit Corazon En La Maelta his microphone got turned off for few seconds. But his heartwarming vocals and the dancers made us forget it immediately.


Afterward, it was finally time for the first speech. He shouted “hoi zeme” in Swiss German to the crowd and got a lot of sympathy points. He also asked us if he should speak in English or Spanish. Unsurprisingly there were a lot of Latin people, so he decided to speak Spanish for the rest of the night. Jordana and I could just barely understand what he was talking about. Later on, he wanted to know who was here with his lover, friend or on his own. Right there we could tell the next song would be Sola and so it was, what a nice transition. After his incredible tender vocals, it was time for last year’s summer jam Calypso. This dance track was definitely the highlight of the show so far, everyone was just having fun. Before Luis Fonsi left the stage for a quick costume change, he performed his 2006’s funky single Por Una Mujer. During the short break, the dancers presented to us their passions and showed us their best moves.


Luis Fonsi’s comeback was colorful and dynamic. We realized that the party was just getting started. He turned Samsung Hall into a club with the tracks like Party Animal, which he performed together with Michel Angelo. Also with his covers of Can’t Stop The Feeling and All Night Long, I even saw an old lady dancing to this song. He also performed a short version of his collaboration with Afrojack Wave Your Flag. Then it was time for the speech, in which he thanked everyone for coming and introduced his band members to us. I really thought he’s going to leave the stage after the next song but fortunately there were three more coming.


It was time for Échame La Culpa the highlight for me and Jordana. Since we had seats, I told Jordana that we would stand up immediately when we hear Demi saying Hey Fonsi at the beginning of the intro. You must consider that I am a Lovatic and I haven’t got any new music by Demi for 14 months now. Believe me, I was paralyzed for five seconds when I saw Demi singing on the gigantic LED-screen. Jordana and I danced and sang along until the song ended. We were definitely not the only ones who enjoyed this track in particular. Everyone was standing and dancing around us. No wonder Luis Fonsi has won the Best Hit International at the Swiss Music Awards 2019 last February. The next two songs were Aquí Estoy Yo and No Me Doy Por Vencido, in which he definitely had his best vocal performance of the night. Afterward, he left the stage but everyone knew the show can’t be over without Despacito.

Surprisingly we could dance to one more track before his record-breaking hit single. He came back and sang Date La Vuelta ft. Nicky Jam and Sebastian Yatra and then finally Despacito. The concert ended at 9.20 p.m. and last therefore 80 minutes. I was rather expecting a one-hour show, therefore, I loved his concert the more.


All in all, I was insecure if I would enjoy the night since I don’t speak any Spanish. But Luis Fonsi definitely proofed that music has no language. If I hade the chance I would go and see him live again. Vida World Tour was the Latin party of the year for me also my summer highlight so far. Don’t miss your chance to see this Latin legend live on his North America and South America Tour this September and November. Check out my Instagram for more footage of the concert.


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