These Are the Tracks of Summer 2019 – My Summer Playlist: Summer 2019 Forever

I’m back with an entire new Spotify playlist, it’s called Summer 2019 Forever. Just like last year, I’ve picked every new released song of this year that gave me summer vibes and have collected them in this playlist. My aim was to create an ultimate collection of tracks that match perfectly with the summer season. My summer playlist is perfect for any summer parties, especially beach parties. It also works for long car rides or even when you have your friends and family over for a barbecue in your backyard. As soon as you hit the play button close your eyes and listen to the first song. If you don’t feel any summer feelings, I messed it up, but I can guarantee that this won’t be the case. Before you go and check out the playlist on Spotify let me introduce it with some foretaste. Here are 12 songs I picked that represent the playlist very well. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this playlist as much as I do. Here we go, these are the editor picks.

Editor Picks

1. Señorita – Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

I’m not wrong when I say nobody has expected this collaboration. Shawn and Camila did it again after their last project I Know What You Did Last Summer. This time hotter and sexier than before. We all love Señorita the lyrics, the melody and the guitar riff, which will be stuck in our head for the entire summer. You can also listen to Find U Again, South of the Border by Ed Sheeran ft. Camila in my playlist.

2. Fuego Lento – Drake Bell

We all know Drake Bell from the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh and yes, he has successfully continued his music career throughout the years. Fuego Lento will flare up a flame inside you, which will make you dance. The English verses will make you sing along and the Spanish chorus will make you wish you were on a Latin beach party. This song is a definition of hotness.

3. Strangers – Ljung & Sandro Thorell

Ljung released his 2nd single Strangers with the Swedish producer and singer Sandro Thorell. Their new EDM pop track radiates pure summer vibes. To feel the lyrics you can listen to it with your beloved ones on the way to the beach, make sure to have the windows down. This song also makes me wanna get lost on a tropical island.

4. Summer Days – Martin Garrix ft. Macklemore & Fall Out Boy

This collaboration by these three talented artists was one of the first released summer jams for this year. It was out at the end of April and made me wish it were summer already. The fascinating vocals by Patrick Stump the lead singer of Fall Out Boy and the rap verses by Macklemore with summer-themed lyrics are an excellent combination.

5. Orange Trees – Marina

Me personally, I love summer and oranges. When I first read the title, I knew that I have to love this song. Fortunately, Marina didn’t disappoint me I love the tropic beach vibes of this song. I just want to sit by the orange trees while listening to this song. Karma another new song by Marina from her latest album Love + Fear is also to be found in my playlist.

6. Distance – Nicky Romero ft. Olivia Holt

This electro-pop track by the talented young DJ and producer Nicky Romero featuring Olivia Holt’s sensitive vocals is perfect for your summer evenings. Even though the lyrics are about an ending relationship the beat still manages to shorten every distance between you and your lover. It will warm your heart on cold and lonely summer nights.

7. I Think I Found Love – Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson has many hidden summer tracks in his latest project B-Sides. I got obsessed with I Think I Found Love, I love the hopefulness and the joy in this song. The tropical beat and the guitar riff will take you to a beach immediately. Another wonderful song by Cody I added to my playlist is Horizon.

8. Right Now – The Vamps, Krept & Konan

The upbeat track Right Now by The Vamps, from their new EP Missing You, will remember you to focus on the moment this summer. Just forget about work and school, enjoy every moment of your summer holidays right now because as always, the summer will be over too fast.

9. Meet U In The Sky – Jack & Jack

When I first heard this song last January it took me right away to summer, especially the percussion of the beat gives you the tropical beach vibe. I literally fell in love with this song and I saved it up for this playlist and tried not to stream it too much. I also had the chance to see Jack & Jack live performing this song last February. Check out the concert review HERE!

10. Diablo – Ilira ft. Juan Magan

If you should get angry and mad at someone this summer all you have to do is to listen to this song. Even though Ilira is singing about how her lover turned into a devil, the Latin feature Juan Magan and the production still managed to turn this track to an ultimate summer jam. Ilira definitely keeps convincing with her singles as a newcomer.

11. Faz Gostoso – Madonna ft. Anitta

Madonna, Madonna this woman did it again. Her new album Madame X is a package full of diverse tracks. She definitely covers everyone’s desires. For this album, she adapted herself to the Latin hit songs trend and delivered us three tracks in collaborations with Maluma and Anitta. You may like or didn’t like Medellin but Faz Gostoso is definitely not going to disappoint you. You can dance along to this energetic dance tune the entire summer.

12. Instagram – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Afro Bros & Natti Natasha

It’s summertime and everything is about social media again. Of course, we’re going to post footage from our holidays. But this collaboration by these talented artists reminds us that our Instagram shouldn’t matter when it comes to dating. I love the fact that this topic is thematized in a pop song. I could definitely write a blog post about it. However and ironically follow me on Instagram Here!

These were the 12 editor picks. Fortunately, my playlist counts more than 70 tracks and lasts almost for 4 hours. As I said the length is perfect for your summer party. Go and follow my playlist on Spotify and check out the other 60 tracks, add your favs to your own playlist and share my playlist with your friends. So, they can do the same. Let me know about your summer jams of 2019 in the comment section. The playlist will be updated every week with new released songs that meet the expectations. Help me to get 500 followers on this playlist. If you tweet it and tag me, I’ll retweet. You can also share it in your Insta story and tag me so I can give you a shoutout in my Insta Story. Thanks for your support.

I wish you the best for your summertime and safe traveling for your holidays. Use #Summer2019Forever or #erenblogs to share your summer adventures with me on social media.


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