The Score: Pressure Tour – Concert Review

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to see the American rock duo The Score live on stage. The duo consists of Eddie Anthony (vocals, guitar) and Edan Dover (keyboard, producer). They first got attention with their song Oh My Love in early 2015. After getting signed they have released four EPs and their debut album ATLAS in October 2017 so far. Some of their singles got featured in movies, ad campaigns and also in the Netflix series Riverdale. I first discovered them on Spotify last Fall with their single The Fear. Since then I loved listening to them in the gym or when I needed an emotional uplift. Currently, they have released their 4th EP called Pressure in February.


On the 2nd of July, they stopped with their Pressure Tour Europe in EXIL, a rather small disco in Zurich. I went there with my twin sister Irem. It was a very hot day in Switzerland and we were a little late and missed the door opening at 7 p.m. We entered the venue at 8.05 p.m. and the support act Carvel was already on stage, they probably have played their first song. The audience consisted of teenagers in the front rows and young adults and older people in the back.

Support Act

Carvel is an electronic-organic-pop band from Basel, Switzerland. They heated up the place with their funky and electronic beats and English lyrics. The lead singer distributed some free merch during their set and promoted their EP Polarity released in September 2017. I enjoyed their tracks Baby Behold and Elusive Core. Carvel left the stage after performing for thirty minutes. Check out their newest single Your Place or Mine?.

The Score Performance

During the break, my sister and I could gather standing places in the front row and we were ready for the main act. At 9 p.m. the crowd got excited this time for The Score. The bandmates and the duo went on stage and opened the show with their energetic track Under The Pressure. Then Eddie welcomed us and introduced the band that they are a band from Los Angeles, California and that it’s their first time in Zurich. They continued the show with their dynamic songs Higher and Born For This. I love the lyrics in Born For This: “We are the warriors who learned to love the pain. We come from different places but have the same name. ‘Cause we were born for this”.


Afterward, it was time for the encouraging hit anthem Unstoppable, which is also the lead single from their 2nd EP. Eddie interacted every now and then with the crowd in German with words like “Es ist heiss / it’s hot”, “Sehr schön / very nice” and “Du bist sexy / you’re sexy”. After performing their powerful hit single Revolution they left the stage at 9.25 p.m. for few minutes, in the meanwhile the drummer had his solo part.


They started the 2nd set with the rock-ballad Miracle, this track definitely counts to my favorites, it’s also a fan favorite. During the next speech, Eddie shaded Starbucks Switzerland for being too expensive. He told us that it’s usual in America to go to grab a coffee in the morning for 5$, the prices here in Zurich shocked him. He made a joke and said that he had to give his entire saving and that they’re broke now. He also called our attention to the merch stand. After performing Glory Eddie spoke to the crowd again this time, he empowered us telling that we’re all the same no matter our race, religion and our sexual orientation that we’re all in the same score.


Then it was time for the piano rock-ballad Strange. I heard this song for the first time and fell in love with it immediately. Later on, Edan took the mic and announced the next song, their newest single called Stay. He told us that this song is about the struggles artists face in the music business. Before they left the stage, they played Stronger and Dreamin, two tracks from the new EP Pressure.

They came back for an encore and promised us two more songs. First, they covered the legendary track Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Finally, they ended the show with their hit single Legend and the crowd sang along loudly Nanana. Eddie even walked through the crowd; it was definitely the highlight of the night. Before leaving the stage, they informed us that we can take pictures with them at the merch stand. My sister and I didn’t want to miss this chance. So, here is our selfie with Eddie and Edan.


All in all, it was a dynamic concert with powerful and empowering tracks. It didn’t get boring at all. You don’t have to be a fan or have listened to all their songs before. Just give them a chance and you’ll definitely not regret seeing them live. I want to thank abc Production Switzerland again for giving me this great opportunity. I hope to see The Score in Switzerland again but hopefully in a bigger venue. Go check out my Instagram for some concert videos and follow me for daily music recommendations.


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