Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – My Favorite Countries

I’m a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and I haven’t missed a show since 2003. The Eurovision week is my highlight of May. Just like every year I listened to all songs by the 41 countries and have chosen my favorites. I will present the artists and the songs to you in this blog post. Last year I was confident enough to make a ranking and to present my top 4 but for this year I have more songs that I really like. Therefore, I didn’t want to put them in order from least to most favorite. I will just mention my favorite six entries of this year. If you’re also an ESC fan tell me in the comment section your favorites for this year’s contest.


Switzerland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me


Let me start with my home country, Luca Hänni (24) is going to represent Switzerland this year at the ESC. He won the 7th season of Germany Idol in 2012 and had his biggest chart success with his debut single Don’t Think About Me, which charted at #1 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Also, his debut and second studio album reached #1 as well in Switzerland. I must say that he disappeared from the spotlight with his following music projects. But now with his participation at the ESC, everyone is talking about him again in Switzerland. His song She Got Me is an energetic dance track with Latin and Balkan vibes. Luca is singing about his sexual desire for a sexy lady, who attracts everyone in the club with her dancing skills. The lyrics don’t have a deep meaning but the song still manages to make everyone move and sing along. For the first time, I’m very hopeful for my home country and I think we will make it to the grand final and maybe even into the top 5.


Cyprus: Tamta – Replay


Another dance song is Replay performed by the Georgian-Greek singer Tamta (37). She started her music career back in 2004 when she became second on the Greece Idol. Since then she has released three studio albums and over 30 singles. Her life story is very touching, she didn’t have it easy in life. Tamta grew up in Georgia where she married and became a mother already with 14 years. After six years of marriage, she divorced and emigrated with her daughter to Greece, where her mother already lived. In Greece, she worked as a housekeeper until she was signed by a record label after her participation by the Greece Idol. It’s crazy how a talent show can literally change your life. With the sexual dance track Replay, Cyprus wants to finish what they started last year with Fuego, definitely to take the victory home. I think it’s possible but only with a convincing live performance.


Belgium: Eliot – Wake Up


Belgium has always strong participants in the contest and this year they have chosen the young and talented Eliot (18) to represent them. With his only 18-years, he is probably one of the youngest participants in the contest. He first got attention in his home country when he appeared on season 7 of The Voice Belgium last year. In Wake Up, he is looking for real love and he is ready to fight for it. It’s kind of a dark ballad with an empowering chorus, where his vocals are heartwarming. I’m excited for his performance on the big stage, and I hope that he will make it to the final.


France: Bilal Hassani – Roi


Bilal Hassani (19) made me listen to Roi on repeat when I first listened to it in early January. He also first got national attention when he was at the Voice Kid France in 2015 and has released 10 singles so far. In June 2017 he came out as gay and since then he is a queer member of the lgbtq+ community. With his English-French anthem Roi, he is singing about finding yourself and building your own kingdom. Bilal also mentions the difficulties in our society the fact that people want to put you in boxes and want you to be a certain way to be accepted. But he doesn’t obey their rules and crowns himself for his own empire and lets no one remove the crown. I love the message of this song and the fact that it’s personal and emotional. He newly has released his debut album Kingdom last Friday.


Malta: Michela – Chameleon


Malta is represented by the young talented emerging artist Michela (18). After winning the X Factor Malta this year, she was signed to Sonny Music Italy and got the right to represent Malta at this year’s ESC. Her song is an anthem-like catchy pop song with encouraging lyrics. But the track also seems like a fun song because of the colors she used to describe herself in a metaphorical way. The main message of the song is not to walk away from troubles and difficulties in life, to fight and to believe in yourself instead. This song puts me in a good mood and makes me also dance. It already has is place in my summer playlist. I can’t wait for her stage performance.


Italy: Mahmood – Soldi


Mahmood (26) a talented Italian singer and songwriter with an Egyptian father and Sardinian mother will represent Italy. He auditioned for the sixth season of the Italian version of The X Factor and studied music after his elimination. Mahmood participated every year since 2016 at the Sanremo Music Festival, which he finally won this year with his song Soldi. After that, he released his debut album Gioventù Bruciata this February. The song Soldi is story-telling, modern, touching and autobiographical. Mahmood sings about the story of his family, how money destroyed his relationship with his father. His parents divorced when he was five therefore, he was raised by his mother. Even though the track is in Italian Mahmood proofs that music has no language and manages to transfer all the emotions. I must admit that Soldi is my most-favorite song at the moment. I really want Mahmood to win the contest this year.

Other favorites worth mentioning are Netherlands, Greece, Spain and Slovenia. The grand final will take place on the 18th of May in Tel Aviv, Israel. You can listen to all my favorites in this Spotify Playlist:


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