Pull N Way: Interview

Dear Pull N Way, dear Mylène and Jana, first of all, I want to congratulate you on your debut album Colours and on your new single Memento. I am very glad to have the chance to do an interview with you. I have some very interesting questions for you. So, let’s start.

To start with the interview, I want you to introduce yourself please. Tell us your name, age and what you’re doing besides music.

Jana: I’m Diana and I’m 20 years old, currently I’m doing commercial training and I’m going to finish this summer.

Mylène: I’m also 20 and I just have finished high school and got my certificate (Fachmittelschule & Fachmatur). At the moment I have something like half of a gap year. I’m traveling I was in London and for now, I’m working at an ice cream parlor.


How did you get to know each other and how came Pull N Way about?

Jana: We first connected through Instagram. Mylène already knew a music producer, they wanted to start something new since they are many solo artists in the business right now.  They went on a search for an adequate singer and at this time I was covering songs on my Instagram account. Mylène discovered them and found that my voice would match hers perfectly. Then she asked me if I would be interested in a music project. In the first place, it was just to experiment a bit and make music together. And after three years we now have released our debut album. Our name Pull N Way, we wanted something international, therefore it’s in English. Was asked all our friends and families for recommendations. One friend of mine came up with pull n way. We thought it sounds very cool and represents us very well since we go our own way and pull what we want.

I have discovered you last year with your single Start Me Up (Joyride) and became immediately a fan. I really enjoy your sound. What kind of music and artists do you prefer to listen to?

Mylène: Our music taste changes all the time; we don’t really have favorite artists. We get inspired by artists who do their own thing. We listen to every genre possible, to the charts but mostly pop and electronic music.

On Instagram, you have over 11 thousand followers and on Spotify over 42 thousand monthly listeners. What do these numbers mean to you?

Mylène: It’s an unbelievable feeling, which we can’t describe with any words. It means for us that we have so many supporters, people that feel our music. This is also our aim; we want to inspire others with our music, we want to share our emotions and feelings with them. And It’s an unbelievable feeling to have reached that.


Only in Switzerland, you have 6 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Since our home country is small do you get recognized and get spoken to on the streets?

Jana: It happened a few times but the fans don’t speak to us they direct message us later on Instagram and say: Hi. I have seen you! We would love if they speak to us, we want to get to know our fans.

I think I would feel like Hannah Montana if I was in your position. How do you manage to be in the public eye and still keep a private life?

Jana: Sometimes it can be a big challenge to deal with everything. But since we enjoy making music and do it full passionate. We manage to organize everything; our graduations are our priority since we won’t be famous anymore in 30 years as Pull N Way. I think if you really do something with passion than you can organize everything and get it right. Me personally I write a lot of to-do lists.


Now back to the debut album. What is the concept behind the title Colours? As I saw it on your Instagram feed every song represents a color, right?

Mylène: When we were looking for an album title, we have thought of different options but couldn’t really choose one. Because every song represents another unique message. We didn’t want to put all songs like in a box with a simple title. Then we came up with the idea of colors, due to the fact that every color symbolizes a message. We did some research and looked up the meaning of each color and matched every song on the album with the appropriate color. That’s how we came up with Colours.

For me, it’s very important that artists also co-write on their songs. Did you co-write on some of the tracks on this album?

Mylène: We have co-written on two tracks on Colours. And for the other songs, it was very important for us that we could identify ourselves with them. It’s very important for us that the lyrics are adequate and the stories match us. In the future, it’s our next aim to also co-write more and write more personal songs to be more authentic than we’re already are.


How much can you identify yourselves with this record? Which songs tell your own personal stories?

Jana: On the album are many different messages, positive and negative ones. We can identify ourselves with them all that’s why we have chosen these songs and lyrics. For example, Starting Over is about being in a phase when you don’t know what’s next but you still keep moving. We have experienced this in our music career. We didn’t know how and tried different ways and luckily today we’re here with our debut album. We really want to motivate people to believe in their dreams. Our single Anything is about wanting to let go something but you just can’t. You would do anything that everything stays the same. The message is to let go when you know that it’s not right the way it is. I personally experienced this at my work. I changed my profession and it took me a long time until I noticed and accepted that my job at this time wasn’t meant for me. It went so far that I had to change it. Now I’m much happier therefore sometimes people just have to let go. And we can definitely identify ourselves with different stories on the other songs.

Do you have favorite songs on this album? Mines are: Memento, Anything, Start Me Up and Loved By You. I love the emotions which are evoked in me with these tracks.

Jana: Our personal favorite is definitely Memento that’s why we have chosen it as the new single and shot a music video for it. My personal favorite is also Loved By You because it shows many emotions and it’s really nice to perform live. We also enjoy the positive motivating vibes in Starting Over. It motivates not to give up, to always move on and especially to keep chasing your dreams.


I wonder if you get hate comments. Do you get some and if yes how do you cope with them?

Jana: Fortunately, we don’t get hate comments, but there was a case once when somebody wrote something nonsense just because of jealousy. Therefore, we can really ignore them well and in general, we focus on the positive things and don’t pay attention to such comments.

As you already know Luca Hänni will represent Switzerland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  What do you think about his song She Got Me. And would you consider representing Switzerland in the ESC in the future too?

Mylène: We are so happy for Luca Hänni that he will represent our country. We love his song, it’s very cool and catchy. We would only participate at the ESC if we fully believe in the song, which we would perform otherwise it’s out of the question. But we don’t deny the idea for now.


Now to your dream collaborations. With which international and national artists would you like to work together?

Mylène: We don’t have this one artist with who we want to collaborate. We just get inspired by artists who do their own thing and don’t let themselves get dragged down by others. We would really enjoy a collaboration with a rapper.

You already have shot two music videos for the album, one for Anything and one for the new single Memento. How was it for you to be in front of the camera instead of being in the studio behind the microphone. Can your fans expect more music videos from you?

Jana: It’s definitely another feeling to stand in front of the camera than to sing. But we enjoy shooting music videos and we also have many photo shoots for our social media accounts. Therefore, we got used to it. It’s a pleasure to represent the emotions of a song visually in a music video. We will keep making them, we don’t know which song yet but the fans can get ready.


Can your fans also get ready for a summer or fall tour this year? Or where can we see you live onstage?  

Mylène: Our next aim is really to bring the songs directly to the stage and present them to the people personally. While performing them live with all the emotions. We have planned several live shows but not a tour yet. Maybe later we don’t know yet.

My final question to you would be a classic erenblogs interview question. Which concert did you visit last?

Mylène: We had the opportunity to see Nicki Minaj live in Zurich. It was an amazing experience we had great seats. We actually even almost had a meet and greet with her but then she didn’t feel like and was already gone. But it was defiantly a great show.

Yes. I can totally confirm that I was there too as a crazy Nicki Minaj fan.

Nicki Minaj: Concert Review

Before we end this, is there something you would like to say?

Mylène: If you want to stay in touch with us follow our social media accounts. We also post more personal content there. We want to give you the message to stay authentic and do your own thing no matter what others say.

I thank you so much for this interview and wish you the best for the release of your debut album Colours.

Check out the album review on Colours! Here


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And for live shows go to: https://pullnway.com/


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