Pull N Way: Colours – Album Review

The one and only female Swiss electro-pop duo Pull N Way released their debut album Colours today. This duo consists of the beautiful, young and talented girls Mylène (20) and Jana (20). I follow them for a year now and it didn’t take long for me to become a fan. Their single Start Me Up (Joyride) got me obsessed with them. They have released five singles last year and now it’s time for their debut album. Colours counts 10 tracks with all the singles from last year and 5 additional new songs. Especially including their new single Memento. I’m honored to review this album, I also want to thank them for providing me a secret link to the album two weeks before the official release and for their trust in me. Let’s look at these ten electro-pop tracks closely.


Memento, the new single, is an electro ballad in which the girls try to let go of a relationship they regret. They would have run away from this person if they could go back in time. They try to move on but they are caught up in the past. In the chorus they sing: “Oh you gave me nothing but trouble. I should have run away. But you kept me trapped in your bubble. Caught up in yesterday”. You can feel the regret in their vocals and the drop after the chorus feels like a liberation from the past. The vocals also match perfectly with the beat. I think many people can relate to this new single since we all can get disappointed by trusted people, especially friends.


In Startin’ Over the girls seem to have finally let go and are now ready for a restart after a past relationship. The vocals are empowering and you still can hear the fact that they have suffered. Sometimes all you need is a restart in life. It is definitely a song, which will motivate you to move on and not to give up. The album offers another motivating upbeat song called Infinity, which is an anthem for couples to fight together in life against all the challenges they face.

The love song Start Me Up (Joyride) was released as the first single last year in May. For me, it was one of my summer jams last year since it puts you immediately in a good mood. This song even made it to my top 60 most-streamed singles chart of 2018. In this song, the female lover is metaphorically a car, which should be driven by the male lover and the ride represents their love. “Start me up, let my engine roar. Start me up, ignite the firestorm. Start me up, be my gasoline. I want a joyride in love”. This song is a fun electro bop and a must listen from the album in my opinion. The singles You & Me and Leaving You should also be in your summer 2019 playlist. You & Me will give you beach vibes already with its intro and with Leaving You you can still enjoy your summer even though you broke up with your lover. Because you will have learned that you deserve better and don’t depend on somebody else.


Anything their most successful single so far was released last October. The girls have also shot a beautiful music video for it. This electro ballad counts definitely to my favorites. I love the feeling it evokes in me. While listening I feel like I’m witnessing the purest love on earth. With their powerful vocals during the chorus, this song is in my eyes a still undiscovered chart hit. The Swiss radios should have played this song more often. In the lyrics, they want to know if their feelings are mutual since they would do anything for him. “I would do anything, you know I would. We could be the stars aligned. We could be the sunlight in the rain. Don’t wanna be a lonely tide as it drifts away”.


In the new upbeat track, I Never Wanna Work You Out the girls are in love and feel like under a spell. They try to understand the game they’re playing with this boy, who makes everything complicated but that’s exactly what they love about him. Another single which was also released last year is IM4U, this one represents a restless love. The girls admit that they feel like a new person around this new lover. “I am free, I am new. I am unlocked, I am unglued. I am fire, I am rain. Overwhelmed and unafraid. In your arms, I am breathless. In my heart, I am restless. For you. I am for you”. I just want to fall in love after listening to this song.

Pull N Way end the album with the new track Loved By You. It’s definitely one of my favorites and a great choice to end the album. It’s a nice slow song about unattainable love. The beat remembers me of wind chimes, which create a fresh sound during the chorus. The desire for the beloved person is very well represented in the production and in the vocals. I could stream this song on repeat.


The girls invite everyone with their debut album Colours to experience all the emotions and phases of a relationship with all the up and downs, falling in love, breaking up. No matter how your relationship status looks like the girls have you covered with a matching song for you to sing along. The girls wrote and recorded the songs with the Australian producer team 1and2Productions. I also did an Interview with the girls which will be online soon. Until then go and stream or buy their album Colours. Comment your favorite songs in the comment section.

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