Jack and Jack: Good Friends Are Nice Tour – Concert Review

Jack and Jack a pop-rap duo based in Los Angeles California with the members Jack Johnson (22, rap) and Jack Gilinsky (22, lead vocals) came to Switzerland on the 26th of February with their Good Friends Are Nice Tour. Thanks to ABC Production I had the privilege to see them live in X-TRA in Zurich. Jack and Jack are best friends since kindergarten. They first got attention on Vine with their short comedy videos in 2013. Since 2014 they have released independently several singles and EPs. I first noticed them with their song “Beg” released in 2017, especially the acoustic version with Olivia O’Brien. I also discovered their collaboration with Madison Beer for the song “All For Love” last year and I fell in love with it right away. Since then I started following them and with the release of their debut album “A Good Friend Is Nice”, released on the 25th of January, I can say that I’m a fan. Their new music is great the album has maybe one filler and all the other 11 have potential to become a single. I have the same age as them and I can relate to their new songs since they write more about mature content. Therefore, I didn’t want to miss the chance to see these two talented young men live.


On the concert day, the door opening was at 7 p.m. and I was already in the queue at 6.20 p.m. This time I went on my own as a music blogger. The first thing I could notice was that I was mostly surrounded by teenage girls. I felt a bit out of place but it’s always interesting to analyze the audience of an artist. When they let us into the building two things shocked me. Frist the merch was sold out, they provided a special scan code for us to order the merch online. The second thing was that since there were almost no men around the girls didn’t hesitate to use men’s bathroom too. It was so uncomfortable for me to go in there. Later on, I had to wait until 8 p.m. for the show to start. At 7.50 p.m. when I looked around, I could see that the venue was only half full and I just counted about 10 men. I also had seen Jessie J and Jason Derulo on the same stage some years ago and I remember how full the venue was with these artists. Jack and Jack can definitely get more Swiss fans.


Support Act

Jack and Jack took the English London based trop-pop artist Casey Lowry on the road for their European tour. Casey promoted his debut EP “Beach Blue”, which was released in November last year. He appeared in a long black coat on stage and his band members in cool orange-grey Hawaii shirts. Casey asked us to jump several times especially during the song “Trampoline”. He also covered “Baby” by Justin Bieber and all the girls went crazy and everyone was singing along. He and his bandmates definitely warmed the crowd up for 30 minutes starting at 8 p.m. Some teenage girls were screaming and holding posters with demands like “Take off your T-shirt” and “Twerk”, he had to laugh every time he noticed the posters. Therefore, he couldn’t really concentrate on his performance and was distracted a lot, or maybe he was just nervous. However, Casey and his bandmates had great energy on stage and a likable charisma. You should definitely check them out.


Performance of Jack and Jack

At 9 p.m. it was finally time for Jack and Jack, they opened the show with their pop-ballad “Promise Me” during which Gilinsky presented his amazing high vocals. They both looked chic, Gilinsky with his black suit trousers combined with a white T-shirt and Johnson in a black outfit wearing a denim jacket.


Then I fell in love with the song “Closure”, a single released last year. I must say that I slept on it, also on “Stay With Me” both are nice pop-ballads. As a new fan, I was proud to be able to sing along during “Barcelona”. Afterward, they performed a medley formed by a couple of their first singles released in 2014. I have never felt so much lost during a concert before. I didn’t know these songs at all. Usually, I listen to the entire setlist in advance. But for this concert I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to be surprised. I can say that at least the fans since day one had a great time with this throwback.


When they performed the acoustic version of “Beg” it was my time to be proud to have discovered them with this song. It was a pleasing acoustic performance and Gilinsky topped it with his acoustic cover of “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish. He mentioned that it’s his favorite song at the moment. And I just saw Billie live two weeks ago performing this single at the Swiss Music Awards. I must say that Jack’s cover was as good as the original version. Billie and Jack should definitely do a remix together.


They had a lot of entertaining interactions between themselves and with the audience now and then. Johnson even took the mic and asked fans in the front row to say sentences in Swiss-German. He then tried to translate them in English, he did it every time correctly. Some fans traveled from the French-speaking cities of Switzerland to Zurich, so they asked things in French. It was an amusing and enjoyable moment for everyone. Gilinsky also reacted to the poster with the lines “take off your T-shirt” by reading it out loud and answering with a clear and loud “No”.


With the Billie Eilish cover, the concert just got started for me since they performed my other favorite songs from their album next. Of course, their hit single “No One Compares To You”, which they dedicated to the fans. And then my all-time favorite song by them, which is “Meet U In The Sky”. Especially with this song they take me to musical dimensions I didn’t know they have existed. This song gives me summer and dance vibes, the lyrics, the melodies, and the rhymes are so pleasant to me. It’s a masterpiece for my ears. After that I enjoyed the sexual vibes during “Tension”, followed by “Day Dreaming” and “Lotta Love”, I love them all. After the slow song “April Gloom” which points out profound lyrics they closed the show with their well-known hit single “Rise”. Johnson held a Swiss flag and then they slowly left the stage.


I wasn’t expecting any other better song to close the show but there was one song missing they haven’t performed yet. A fan favorite and also probably one of the most personal and emotional songs. I’m talking about “2 Cigarettes”, a song about a failed relationship. Therefore, I knew there must be an encore. A few minutes later Gilinsky and Johnson appeared again on the stage. Johnson was already shirtless and Gilinsky took his T-shirt during the bridge of the song. All the girls were screaming as if the world ends. They both presented what they were working for in the gym for months. It was probably the highlight of the concert for many girls.


Jack Johnson the rapper of the duo rapped almost in every song. I was astonished how good he can rap live on stage. He also played the keys during several songs. They both were adorable and they are a great example of a nice friendship between two young men. They both are living their dreams, traveling all around the world and what a great opportunity to share it with your best friend. I have nothing to criticize about them. Check out their newly released debut album “A Good Friend Is Nice” you will definitely like it.


After the concert, Casey Lowry and his bandmates took pictures with the fans at the merch stand. I bought his EP and let him sign it. He was very friendly and also a bit bewildered. I also had the chance to take a selfie with him but it turned out bad, I had to edit it a lot but here we go I didn’t want to hold it back from you. All in all, it was a great night, an unforgettable experience. I want to thank ABC Production again for having me at this concert. Let me know in the comment section if you have seen them live on tour and tell me your highlight of the concert. Also, check out my Instagram @erenblogs for more footage of the concert.


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