My Top 20 Pop Albums of 2018 – Pt. 1 (20 – 10)

In this blog post, I’m going to present to you my top 20 pop albums of 2018. This blog post consists actually of two posts. In this one, you will see the top albums from #20 – #10. The second part of this blog post with the top 10 will be online this Sunday. Before we start I want to mention that I’m always on the search for new pop artists and albums but I’m also listening to the chart-topping artists. So with my top 20 pop albums chart, you can expect to discover new artists and also being happy that maybe your favorite pop album made it to my list. I mentioned my favorite songs of each album, if you want to listen to an album then you’ll know with which songs to start. I’ll also link reviews of the albums if I have written one, so you can get detailed information about the artist and the album. Let’s start.

  1. Eli Lieb – The Nights We Lived

Eli Lieb, an American singer-songwriter, who got famous for his cover videos on YouTube finally released his second studio album after his debut in 2011.  In his lyrics, he thematizes in a pure emotional story-telling way the romantic relationships he had with his past boyfriends and proofs that love is love. With his tender vocals, he manages to melt my heart. You probably haven’t heard of him before, here you go a new artist for you to discover.

My favorites: Next to You, Kissing Your Tattoos, When You Need a Friend, Hollywood, The Nights We Lived

  1. The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy

Next to pop music I also like to listen to electronic music and this duo exactly knows what I like to hear in this genre. They released many singles last year, all of them ended up as an album at the end of the year. I got obsessed with most of the releases because of their catchy lyrics and productions. Can we also just take a line to mention how better Andrew Taggart’s vocals got. He makes the best of his vocal range and expands it with every new release. The Chainsmokers keep slaying in the charts and in the arenas worldwide.

My favorites: Sick Boy, You Owe Me, Everybody Hates Me, Somebody, Beach House, This Feeling

  1. Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods

Justin Timberlake released after five years his 5th studio album, in which he went back to his roots. It’s a personal album with topics like his marriage and becoming a father. Since he worked with Pharrell Williams for this project the album counts many songs with strange experimental beats. Therefore, the album is probably not the favorite Timberlake album of his fans since he didn’t really bring the sexy back, but it was still nice to hear something new from the legend.

My favorites: Say Something, Midnight Summer Jam, Man of the Woods, Morning Light, Flannel, Breeze Off the Pond, Young Man

Album Review: Justin Timberlake: Man of the Woods – Album Review

  1. Lauv – I met you when I was 18 (the playlist)

Since his release “I Like Me Better” two years ago, Lauv is probably the new cute rising star in the pop music industry. He went from writing songs for other artists to touring all around the world with his original songs. He put all his released songs from the project “I met you when I was 18” together and released them as an album-like playlist. This playlist actually deserves to be called an album. However, he is going to release his debut album this year. I am excited to hear what he was working on.

My favorites: I Like Me Better, Comfortable, The Other, Reforget, Enemies, Easy Love, Bracelet

EP Review: Lauv – Lost in the Light

  1. Little Mix – LM5

I really wasn’t expecting this British girl band to release an album in 2018 but they decided to release the fifth studio album LM5 before the year ended. I must admit that their 4th studio album “Glory Days” was much better, I think this album was just a marketing strategy, it didn’t pay off, not with the singles, not in the charts and not with the music videos. It already feels like the new era is over since they promoted and released everything during a month. I still liked some of the songs and I’m still streaming them. For 2019 I wish an European tour from them.

My favorites: Woman Like Me, Monster In Me, Joan of Arc, Wasabi, More Than Words

  1. Zayn – Icarus Falls

I really want to understand what Zayn is trying to do with his 2nd studio album. He released 6 singles throughout the year and instead of adding five more songs for an album he just released a conceptual album with 27 songs. I don’t know what to think, I tried to listen to every song multiple times. I must say there are some fillers and 27 songs are too much. His fans probably freaked out about it but I’m sure his team is regretting the decision since the album debuted at #61 in the US and at #77 in the UK, in comparison to his debut album which was a #1 in both countries. I’m a fan of him and at least I can say he worked hard for this album.

My favorites: Let Me, Common, Tonight, There You Are, You Wish You Knew, Entertainer, All That, Insomnia, No Candle No Light, Fingers, Too Much.

  1. Rita Ora – Phoenix

Which artist takes 6 years to release a new album? Yes, Rita does. She finally released her second studio album in 2018. Less can go wrong with any Rita Ora song. She is one of my favorite female pop singers. She has a unique recognizable voice and she sounds good in every pop song. This album includes all the singles she has released since 2017. But also, many new songs with hit potentials. I can’t wait to see her live on tour this spring. I’ve been definitely waiting too long for this album.

My favorites: Let You Love Me, New Look, Only Want You, For You, Girls, Hell Of A Life, Cashmere, Soul Survivor

  1. Alec Benjamin – Narrated For You

Alec Benjamin is one of the artists I’m really glad to have discovered in 2018. He released many singles last year and his mixtape called “Narrated For You” towards the end of the year. In my eyes, it’s his debut album but he wants to call it a mixtape, just like Lauv who also called his release “the playlist”, call it an album come on. He is probably going to release his debut album this year. I really don’t get these marketing strategies. Alec sings personal story-telling slow pop songs with his incredible tender vocals. He sounds like a girl or a boy before puberty vocal change when you first listen to him. I thought this when I first listened to “Let me Down Slowly”, but no his a 24-years-old young man with a great recognition factor. And this is exactly what makes him unique and special in this industry. You will definitely love his music trust me.

My favorites: If We Have Each Other, Let Me Down Slowly, Swim, Boy In The Bubble, Outrunning Karma, 1994

  1. Benjamin Ingrosso – Identification

I discovered Benjamin, who is a Swedish pop singer with Italian roots in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. He is like the Justin Bieber of Sweden. He made me a fan with his debut album, I really enjoyed listening to it last fall. The album shows a solid variety of different pop genres and songs. From ballads to catchy love songs, from funky beats to tropical electronic dance songs. You definitely wouldn’t regret checking him out. Also if you miss Justin Bieber he can be your stopover.

My favorites: Behave, I’ll Be Fine Somehow, Spotlights, No Sleep, Love Songs, All I See is You, Dance You Off

  1. Anne-Marie – Speak Your Mind

Her fans waited since 2016 for her debut album and they were finally satisfied last year. Anne-Marie used the same strategy like Rita Ora and put all her singles released since 2016 into this album with some new ones. I just ask myself how many times do they want us to buy the same old songs. However, the album itself counts as an appropriate album and it’s like a collection of my favorites songs I used to listen during the last three years. I’m excited to see her performing them this spring in Zurich.

My favorites: Ciao Adios, Alarm, Then, Perfect, Friends, 2002, Machine, Breathing Fire, Some People, Rockabye

Part 2: My Top 20 Pop Albums of 2018 – Pt. 2 (Top 10)


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