Interview with Joe Leytrick – Project 28

For this blog post, I’m honored to be able to interview the young talented artist Joe Leytrick, who is an American indie-pop singer. I personally discovered him and his music this year in July. Since then I love listening to his unique sound. Joe and I had some few friendly chats on Instagram, he is like my social media brother, therefore I’m excited to introduce him to you with this nice interview. I asked him 12 questions about him, his musical journey and his new project “Project 28”. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Dear Joe, welcome on my blog. Let’s start with a short answer question. How would you describe yourself in 5 and your music in 3 words?

Me: good morning good night repeat
My music: Rock and roll!

2. We want to know more about your musical background. How did you discover your interest in music? 

I saw School of Rock when I was 8 years old and I knew that is what I wanted to do. Something clicked when I saw it and I have a piece of the movie tattooed on my arm.

3. How did your peers especially the boys react to your singing? Have you been bullied in school because of your passion?

No, I have never been bullied for music. Luckily, I have a very supportive family and friend group.

4. You recently gave up your stage name “Hank the Businessman”. What was the story behind this artistic character? And why did you decide to keep your musical career with your real name?

Hank the businessman came about because my cousins and I were in a music group called “Anger Gang”. It was kind of like an Odd Future. My name was Hank Lotion because I like to sing so I was the Frank Ocean of the group. The businessman part came when I had a suit and tie job that made me want to pursue music full-time. This lasted about 2 years but now I write under my real name, I was sick of being a gimmick who also had music.


5. I streamed your single “Tangled” during the summer time and recently I’m streaming your new single “Night Visions”, I also checked out your previous releases. Something I noticed about your music style is that it doesn’t sound like today’s pop music. For me, your sound is very unique and your songs make me go back in time. They remember me of my childhood, back to the good old days. So, what’s your intention with your musical productions?

I just mesh whatever I think sounds good. I listen to every genre and take pieces so I can craft my “sound”. I just write what I like, I don’t write to appease others anymore.

6. Do you have any musical idols or role models you look up to? Which artists inspire you?

Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Charlie Puth, Stacy Lacy, Mac Miller to name a few.

7. You also auditioned for “American Idol” this year. How did it feel to sing in front of the jury, especially in front of Katy Perry? Unfortunately, you couldn’t make it to the next round but how has this experience changed you?

IT WAS CRAZY AHH! Even though I didn’t make it, it was one of the coolest experiences to play a song I wrote for 3 giants in the industry. American Idol gave me confidence and gave me the inspiration to keep writing and making great music.

8. Are all of your songs written by yourself or do you have a songwriting team? Which musical instruments can you play?

I write and arrange all my music. Once in a while, I’ll invite someone to do a part for one of my songs but I give them directions for it. I play guitar, bass, drums, synth, and sing. I am also involved in a number of collaborations.

9. How do you get inspired to write a song, are they based on personal experiences? 

It depends. I usually “throw-up” on the page and then I start molding it like a clay pot. Then I will mix the lyric ideas in a way that relates to something in my life. Every song is different though.

10. Tell us more about your newest project “Project 28”?

I’ll release one song a month on the 28th of every month for a whole year.

11. My last question to you is: What was the last concert you’ve been at? And name the last song/ album you bought online or in a store?

I saw Primus in Virginia it was sick. I bought the new Greta Van Fleet album that came out last month good stuff!

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Check out @erenblogs for all your new pop media. Yeah!

Thank you, Joe, for answering my questions. I’m wishing you the best for your musical career. 

Joe just released today the first single of “Project 28” called “Fine”. Please listen and share it with your friends.


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