Ljung ft. Christine Ekeberg – Under Water

I love Swedish pop music, this is a fact for sure. Swedish artists are so talented and they deserve to get international attention. My favorite Swedish artists are Juliander, Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman and Zara Larsson. Last month, I added one more name to this list. It’s the Swedish producer Ljung. He’s just released his first single called “Under Water” one month ago, on the 12th of October.

Ljung is 23 years old and his full name is Viktor Ljungqvist, he has chosen Ljung as his artist name since it’s short and sounds good. The pronunciation in English would be “young”.  For his logo (LJ) he uses the letters “Lj” in Ljung because it’s a common spelling in Swedish and unusual in other countries.



Ljung started playing the piano with the age six, no wonder he is a producer now. For creating music, he gets inspired by the famous Swedish producers Avicii and Mike Perry. He fell in love with the genre EDM during his high school years. But he’s still open for every genre between reggae and country. Music isn’t his only talent, he also has a perfect eye for photography. Just check out his Instagram feed for evidence. At the moment I would describe his feed as “paradise”. Because he spent his summer with his girlfriend in Bali in Indonesia and the pictures of nature and of them are incredibly beautiful.


He is obsessed with the ocean and his single “Under Water” represents this obsession very well. When I first listened to this song, I felt like I was diving into a giant blue ocean with the clearest water. It took me right back to this year’s summer holidays in Bodrum, Turkey. Me personally, I always loved the sea and everything about it. As a little boy, I grew up and spent every summer at the beach of the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul. Therefore, I can really connect with this song, it takes me back to my childhood. The little Eren was fascinated by the ocean. He loved swimming under water, collecting seashells and just the feeling of waves on his skin. And this song remembers me of all these beautiful memories.

Ljung features the Norwegian singer Christine Ekeberg on this track and her vocals fit precisely with the tropical house beat. In the lyrics, her lover wants to break up with her. But she is singing about being still in love with him. Even though she tries to let him go she can’t, it feels like falling down for her. She loves him so much that she can’t live without him since he is the one who keeps her breathing under water. The lyrics represent very well the power of being in love.



The song passed 100K streams on Spotify in less than 2 weeks and currently it has over 200K streams. I really love this song and you should check it out too. I’ll link the lyrics video at the end of this blog post, which features self-recorded visuals of the nature in Bali by Ljung. Follow Ljung on Instagram and Spotify. Subscribe him on his YouTube channel not to miss his musical journey and his upcoming music videos. I’m very excited about his next releases and to hear more of this young talented Swedish producer. And I hope that he will soon collaborate with one of my other favorite Swedish artists.


If you want to contact him, here you go: ljungsmusic@gmail.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ljungofficial/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/67Tfj03cthIyRsQLHqwI3V?si=dWPQw8PrT9qV24vvRv4vtQ






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