Logan Henderson’s Solo Music Career after Big Time Rush

Did you know that Logan Henderson started his own music career after BTR? Since 2017 he released four singles and his first EP. I really love his new music style, it’s a lot different than BTR songs. Let’s admit that Big Time Rush was for teenagers, therefore they really had to be careful with sexual content. But now Logan is definitely not ashamed of singing about his past relationships thematized with sexual lyrics. Besides the lyrics, I also enjoy the musical productions of the songs they fit in perfectly to today’s pop music. As I observed he isn’t getting the right attention in the US, which he actually deserves. I’m sure that all international grown up Rushers support him, but this support isn’t enough for his singles to show up in the charts. Honestly, I think his songs are much better than many most-streamed songs. For this reason, I wrote this blog post. Let me tell you about his solo music career after BTR.

If love’s just a feeling. Wake me up ’cause I’m dreaming. I said I was leaving.                         But now I’m stuck in repeating.” – Logan Henderson


Although I love all members from BTR, Logan was always closer to my heart. I freaked out in January 2017 when Logan finally released his first solo single called Sleepwalker. I liked the song and its video from the first minute. In this song he is singing about a love-hate relationship, they break up but also always come back to each other again, it’s like she is pushing and pulling him. Logan uses the concept of sleepwalking as a metaphor for their reunions. He is the sleepwalker and she is using his weakness. The lyrics could also be interpreted in a sexual way, then it would mean that she is calling him at nights just to have sex with him. Anyway, I love everything about this song. The mixture of the melancholic beat and his vocals represent very well the concept of sleepwalking.


The second single was Bite My Tongue and was released in September 2017, this song is more a catchy pop song and I also loved it from the first listening. Again, the beat is very well produced and his appealing vocals fit in perfectly. This time he is singing about a communication problem, which he has with his girlfriend. He admits being socially awkward in the pre-chorus, he also doesn’t want to talk with his lover about their problems, so he bites his tongue because she mostly misunderstands him and they start to argue. Therefore, he would rather kiss her than talk to her.


2017 was definitely his comeback year, in October he released his third single Speak of the Devil and I admit that I don’t like this one as much as I like the other singles, I really don’t like the beat of this song. Now it remembers me of Filthy by Justin Timberlake, which I also don’t like. The problem is probably with me and not with the songs. Till now I fought Timberlake was the first artist with such a song, but now I know Logan was first. The lyrics represent an amazing sex having couple.

In 2018 I was waiting for an album but instead, Logan wanted to release an EP called Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams – Pt. 1. The EP includes all of the three singles additionally two new songs. He also has an intro and an outro track, which I don’t count as songs since they’re very short.


One of the songs is Take It Out on Me and it deserved so much to be a single and to have a sexy music video. It’s the most outstanding song on the EP. I love it, I listened on repeat to this song it’s like my secret drug. One of the best sexual songs I’ve ever heard. In the lyrics, Logan doesn’t want to fight he wants to make love instead. And he wants his girlfriend to take the control in bed, she should put all of her energy to their sex instead of fighting with him. Let me just quote the chorus for you: “You do what you want to in my head. You do what you want to in this bed. You can take it out on me”.


Evergreen is a breakup song, in which Logan can’t accept the separation. He wonders if his ex-girlfriend is also thinking about him and how she does with her new boyfriend. He’s hoping that she will turn back to him because he is still loving her, and he claims that their love is magic and they’re evergreen. You can feel his hopefulness and his positive approach in the beat.

On the outro track, Generations Logan shows us his real thoughts, how he felt during the process of this project, how he worked hard to find inspiration for his generation. He mentions his real-life struggles also that his fans don’t really know the real Logan. I can totally understand him because we all first loved the character Logan from the TV show, which he played. He never really had the chance to show us who he really is. I think this outro track is a very truthful way to end his EP.


The EP actually ends with the lines “Damn it, what a shame, I had so much more to show you”. I think he is talking about this project, that it could have been an album, but somehow, he decided to release an EP first. Since he included part 1 in the title we can assume that part 2 will come out very soon, probably in 2019.


He already released this summer the first single of the upcoming EP, it’s called Pull Me Deep.  And yes, it is another catchy song, he even released the music video this week. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I love the mellow pre-chorus and how cool he sings in the chorus. He uses the words to be underwater as a metaphor for being in love. He admits that he would drown for her love also that she pulls him deep. A perfect song to describe the condition to be blinded by love. It must become a radio hit.


For his first EP he worked with his producer friend Nicholas Furlong on every track, Nicholas also produced some songs for Big Time Rush in the past including my favorite song Count On You ft. Jordan Sparks. I expect them to work together again for part two. I would be very glad if Logan dares to sing an emotional ballad and tries to move me to tears. I really want to see his emotional side. I know that he doesn’t have fascinating high vocals but he knows how to make the best of his vocal range, and as many artists proofed this is enough to have charts topping songs. My aim with this blog post was to introduce Logan Henderson to you, to clarify that he is working on his solo career after Big Time Rush and to make you curious about his music. So please go and check him out and let’s all support him. Tell me in the comment section if you used to watch Big Time Rush and mention your favorite BTR songs.


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