Demi Lovato Concert Review – Tell Me You Love Me Tour – My Dream Came True

Two weeks ago, on the 7th of June 2018, one of my biggest dreams came true. I saw Demi Lovato for the first time live on her tour, in Zurich Hallenstadion. I literally waited 10 years for this moment since Camp Rock. I am one of the craziest Lovatics in Switzerland. Demi is for me the Queen of pop, Selena and Taylor are more famous than her, but they can never sing like Demi. Demi’s vocals and her vocal range are fascinating, her live performances are better than her audios.


Demi promised last fall with her sixth album release that this time she will start touring in Europe because she admitted having neglected her Europeans fans during her last tour. Later on, she released only the tour dates for her North American leg and I was so disappointed to hear this. She was again starting her tour with North America as many artists do. Luckily, in February she also announced her tour dates for Europe and she also included Switzerland, which isn’t always the case. I was so happy and grateful because my biggest dream had finally a chance to come true. There was just a little problem. On the same day, I had my first final exam at the university, not to go to the concert wasn’t an option at all. So, I bought my tickets for the concert. The standing tickets coast about 65 CHF. Now I had to hope and pray for the concert not to be canceled.

On the concert day, I was very excited because of my exam and Demi. The exam was terrifying, it didn’t go well, I’ll probably fail. I had to ignore this fact and concentrate on the concert. My friend Jordana from the university was also going through the same excitement, she also came to the concert with me together with my twin sister Irem and my friend Vidusa. After the exams, we met each other in Zurich and went to Hallenstadion as four Lovatics.


Jordana and I are the wilder Lovatics, right after the door opening we run to the stage to be close to it as possible. We were standing in the 4th row in front of the right corner of the stage. While waiting for Demi’s support act JOY we met a lot of other Swiss Lovatics, mostly girls, but I wasn’t the only male Lovatic there. I also saw many rainbow flags and some homosexual couples. Demi is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, so am I. It was nice to see all these people just being themselves. I don’t really want to write about the support act JOY, because it was just a big disappointment for me and my friends. She couldn’t make us her fans with her hypnotic vocals and electronic songs.


It was finally time for Demi I thought that I’ll probably faint or start to cry, but none of them happened I was screaming and shouting her name instead. She had a short video as an opening and then suddenly she was standing there, 5 meters away from me and singing “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore”. I still can’t believe that this happened. Her set list was perfect, of course, it would be great for her to sing every song of her 6 albums, but this is naturally not possible. She had like four main parts in her show. Starting sexy with “Daddy Issues”, “Cool for the Summer” and “Sexy Dirty Love”. Then she slowed down with an electric guitar on a king-size bed with the songs like “Concentrate” and “Cry Baby”. In the second half of the concert, we had a party atmosphere with her collaboration hits “Solo”, “Échame La Culpa” and “No Promises”. During the fourth part she played the piano and sung “Warrior” and “Father” it got very emotional since I can relate with both of these songs. In Zurich she didn’t have an encore, she sang the two songs, which she sings normally in her encore right after the main part. These songs were of course “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Tell Me You Love Me”.


In total she sang 18 songs, her vocals were amazing like always. Her dancers were all in a perfect shape and very talented. Especially her male dancers made me insecure about my summer body. Demi’s sexy interactions with her dancers were mind-blowing. Her costumes for the different parts of the concert were very tasteful. We were lucky that she sang her newest singles “Solo” and “Fall in Line”, the American Lovatics couldn’t experience this. We even had a kiss cam during “Give Your Heart A Break”, my sister Irem and Vidusa appeared on it.

Her speeches were very authentic and personal. She talked about mental health and about her father’s death and his mental illness. For the first time ever, I heard that her father had schizophrenia. She also told us that her left foot was broken, but she didn’t want to cancel the tour. We were really lucky. And then the concert was over and even though one of my biggest dreams came true the whole experience feels still like a dream. I can’t believe that I saw her live. I used to watch every video about her on YouTube, but this time it wasn’t on a small screen it was real.


Before I end this blog post let me also mention her merch. After the concert they were selling some shirts and caps for 50 CHF, which was too expensive for me, it almost coats like the ticket price for her concert. So, I only bought a poster for 10 CHF, which was worth the money.

Fortunately, I survived the day without a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. I hope that this wasn’t the last time I saw her on tour, but if it is then it’s just a DREAM. Thanks for reading so far, you can find some of her performance videos on my Instagram account @erenblogs. Don’t hesitate to share this with a Lovatic. If you also saw Demi live on tour tell me your experience.

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