Juliander: Afterglow – EP Review

Juliander is a 20 years-old singer and songwriter from Stockholm Sweden. We all know how Swedish people are talented and successful when it comes to producing pop music. He was signed by Sony Music Sweden when he was just 16. In 2017 he released his first single “Same Moon” and toured with Zara Larsson in Europe. This year he was one of the support acts of the “World Of Walker Tour” by Alan Walker. And I was lucky enough to see him live on both tours. He also sings the song “All Falls Down” with Noah Cyrus, which is an original song by Alan Walker. It’s not the first time that I write about him. I already mentioned his performances in my concert reviews for Zara Larsson and Alan Walker. But this time it’s just about his debut EP “Afterglow”, which he released last month on the 9th February. Since then I enjoyed listening to his songs and would like to present them to you as well.


Same Moon

The first track was released last year on the 27th September as his 1st single. It’s a heart-melting romantic ballad. Juliander sings about being far away from his girlfriend, therefore he consoles her by telling her that they will be starring at the same moon. “I know, I know, though we’re not under the same roof. We are staring at the same moon”. His vocals are powerful, and the instrumentals fit perfectly with the lyrics. A good choice to start the EP.



“Afterglow” it’s a wonderful love song which makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It’s about finding the love that you have been waiting for. Juliander used some metaphors based on stars: “Cause when the stars collide, we connect the dots in each other’s eyes. Shining so bright till we find the light, shine so bright till we glow”. Juliander’s tender vocals are seductive and inspiring.


The Chance

Another slow song is the “The Chance”, in this one Juliander is regretting why he didn’t take the chance to speak to a girl, who he saw and fell in love at the first sight. Now he sees her only in his dreams and wishes to meet her again. “I saw you in my dreams last night and if I ever meet you again, we will always be more than friends”. In the chorus, he asks the questions which he couldn’t ask her. He also wonders if she would have stayed and talked to him. It’s a perfect song to sing and clap along.

juliander 2

The One

Juliander released this track as his 2nd single on the 27th October 2017. This song is more upbeat and sexy in a special way compared to the other tracks on the EP. In this song, Juliander sings about how it feels to fall in love. He is also convinced that he has found the one. He compares her to his favorite apple pie, but in his stomach, he has butterflies and not any pies. I love how he performs this song live.


Everything I Know

He opened with a ballad and closes the EP with a piano ballad, but this one is more touching because he wrote this song about his grandfather’s passing. He mentions how his grandfather can’t remember him anymore but Juliander still remembers every memory they have together. In the chorus, he sings that his grandfather taught him everything that he knows. “And I know you don’t recognize me, but that’s not your fault, ’cause you still love me and I will love you through it all when the hands come from the sky. I will wave my last goodbye”. His vocals are again powerful. He ends his EP with real emotions and makes his grandfather unforgettable.

Juliander takes us with his EP “After Glow” on an inspirational emotional journey. Even though the topics he sings are very common, he managed to write the songs in an original way. I know that he co-wrote on every song and wrote the most part by himself, especially the lyrics. His vocals are pleasant, and I can’t wait to hear more of him. Let’s hope that his debut album will come out at the end of this year. Something I noticed while listening to his EP is that he sounds much better live on stage than on audio. Therefore, you must see him on his next tour live to believe me.


Go and check out the concert reviews, in which I also wrote about Juliander and enjoy his music!


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