Madison Beer: As She Pleases – EP Review

Madison Beer, a 19-years old singer from New York. Another beautiful talented girl, who tries to put out her name in the music business. But Madison was lucky because in 2012 Justin Bieber discovered her and signed her to his label. Therefore, she can count on Justin’s support for sure. I personally became a fan of her last year while listening to her single “Dead”. This song was one of my most streamed songs on Spotify in 2017. This month on the 2nd February she released her debut EP called “As She Pleases”. After listening to it for two weeks I really liked all tracks. Now, I’d like to present to you her newest 7 tracks.



Madison released “Dead” as the lead single of the EP on the 19th May last year. And this song is really underrated, it deserves more sales and streams. She sings about her ex-boyfriend, who is an alcoholic and only used to love her when he wasn’t sober. In the chorus, Madison asks him why he isn’t dead yet since he used to tell her that he couldn’t live without her. “You say you can’t live without me. So why aren’t you dead yet? Why you still breathing?”. During the bridge, she gives him some advice and says goodbye to him. I just love this song, I used to listen to it so often last year. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you better catch up now.


This song could be about the same lover like in “Dead” because she describes him again as an alcoholic. This time Madison admits that she isn’t in love with him anymore and that he is such a fool, who cannot recognize that their relationship is actually over. This song has an energetic beat with a dominant hi-hat and snare drum. Her vocals during the bridge are pitched down and sound robotic, what I don’t like. It wasn’t necessary, in my opinion.



I’m disappointed and impressed at the same time by this song. First, it seems like an unfinished track, it only lasts 2:38 minutes and Madison repeats the 1st verse instead of a bridge. Second, I love the way she used the concept of “heartless”. You’ll probably think that the lyrics are about being heartless, but actually, she is singing that she should use her heart less and use her mind instead. By interpreting the lyrics, I assume that she has an affair, on which she isn’t proud of. Even though she knows that what she does is bad, and she really wants to end it. She always finds herself going to this boy again and again. The beat fits in perfectly with her vocals, but they used one specific sample, which sounds like a frog.

Tyler Durden

“Tyler Durden” is inspired by the American movie “The Fight Club (1999)” and named by one of the main characters. Madison said in an interview that this movie is one of her favorites. This slow song is very pure, you only hear Madison’s vocals and an acoustic guitar. It is also very short and lasts only 2 minutes. The lyrics are interesting, I assume that she has included some hidden messages, which you really must interpret to understand them. It is written in a poetic style. What I understood of the lyrics is that her lover only exists in her fantasy.


Home with You

I love this catchy song, it must be her next single. In this song, Madison tells a playboy directly her opinion, who probably bothers her in the club. She says that she won’t go home with him tonight and that he should give her space and respect her. I’m sure that many girls can relate to this song. I evidenced myself how my female friends have gotten bothered by so many douchebags during a night out in the club. Some boys really think they can get every girl when they’re drunk. This track is very upbeat and so much fun to listen to it. It makes you sing and dance along.


Teenager in Love

“Teenager in Love” is a typically pop song by a young female singer. Madison’s vocals remember me of Ariana Grande. This song is the only love song on the EP. Madison sings about how her lover makes her feel like a teenager in love and how he makes her feel that she’ll be forever young. I can’t really take this song seriously because in my eyes Madison is still a teenager, isn’t she? I don’t like this song it’s not original like the other songs on the EP, we really heard similar songs so many times from other artists. But it’s the only song with a diverse melody, therefore Madison can proof her singing skills on this track.

Say It to My Face

This song was released as the 2nd single of the EP on the 3rd November last year. It’s the final song on the EP and it fits perfectly as a closure. On this track, Madison is mad at her ex-boyfriend and wants to have one last conversation with him face to face. Because he was probably talking shit about her to others. She wants him to say his allegation about her straight to her face. But she knows exactly that he hasn’t the courage to face her. Madison’s vocals are strong and powerful on this track, in some parts she is almost yelling, like screaming at her ex.


7 songs for an EP aren’t actually usual, it is rather a mini-album. But every seven song is different from the others, but there is still a common ground. I think that with this EP she really found her voice and music style. Unfortunately, she didn’t co-write on every song, her singles are written by other artists. I hope for the debut album she will write more herself. Because it’s very important for young singers to have their own musical artistic work. I also think that she tried different musical elements on every track, it’s like a musical project, on which she was working and trying many different features out. After googling her personal life, I can say that she is not single and had some relationships before. Therefore, I assume that some songs are based on real personal stories.


All in all, it can be said that she did a good job for her debut EP or let’s say for her mini-album. Now I’m excited about her actual debut album. She has a lot of competition as a young female singer, therefore she is rather underrated, give her a chance and listen to “As She Pleases”, I’m sure you’ll like it if you enjoy today’s pop music. Thanks for reading, do me a favour and share this blog post if you liked it.


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