My Top 10 Albums of 2017

2017 is almost over today is the 31st of December. I want to look back to the whole year and present to you my top 10 albums released this year and which I enjoyed listening to. First, 2017 begun with few new music it was almost boring to listen to the albums of 2016 repeatedly. Most of my favorite artists were on a break, therefore there wasn’t any new music from them for me. So, I gave new artists a chance and discovered many new musicians and their musical works. But the 2nd half of the year was different, when I was almost giving up my hope for new music releases and was getting ready for 2018, I realized that the season fall is the time when the most artists release their new tracks.

I thought that my artists were on a break, but they were in the studio finishing their upcoming albums. I really enjoyed the 2nd half of 2017 with many new album releases. I was even overwhelmed with so many albums releases on the same day and month. That’s why I had to listen one by one and take my time. Now I have chosen 10 albums I listened the most, which inspired me, and I liked the most tracks of. It could have been a top 20 but here we go this is my top 10.

10. Loïc Nottet – Selfocracy

I discovered Loïc Nottet in 2015 when he represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then I am a fan of him. He took his time to work on his debut album, which he released in March. It didn’t take long, and I was dancing wild and singing along to his songs in my bedroom. It is an extraordinary album with a message and inspiring deep lyrics. His vocals are amazing. He is not only a singer, also an amazing dancer. Go and check him out.

Favorite tracks of the album: Mud Blood, Team 8, Mirror, Cure

9. Maroon 5 – Red Pill Blues

This album surprised me the most, I was really not expecting this band to release a new album in 2017. My fault I should have followed them on social media. “Red Pill Blues” came out this November. Maroon 5 is a band which has many former radio hits, they know how to write top ten songs for the charts. But this album doesn’t consist only of catchy songs, it also has original breakup and love songs with fascinating arrangements and lyrics.

Favorite tracks of the album: Wait, Bet My Heart, Denim Jacket, Visions, Cold

8. Little Mix – Glory Days

Nobody can stop this girl band their latest album is on fire. I was addicted to every single they released from this album. The album was released in November 2016, but it followed me until fall of this year. Their vocals, music videos, lyrics. I would go back in time to celebrate this era again. Unfortunately, they came twice to Switzerland with their tours and I couldn’t go to both concerts because I had f****g finals exams the next day. But I’m sure one day I will see these powerful women live on stage. Until then I will listen to them on repeat.

Favorite tracks of the album: Touch, No More Sad Songs, Power, You Gotta Not

7. Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Omg. Halsey freaks me out. I saw her life this summer as a support act for Justin Bieber. I already fell in love with her with her debut album. Her collaboration with The Chainsmokers for the song Closer was my anthem for months. This year in June she released her second album and blew me away. Her lyrics, beats, vocals I can’t find the words to describe them you must listen to her. The world she created on this album is incredible. I really can say that I’m a fan of her since the day I watched the New Americana music video for the first time. She is an unbelievably talented young artist. I can’t wait to see and hear more of her.

Favorite tracks of the album: Strangers, Now Or Never, Eyes Closed, Bad At Love, Angel On Fire, Hopeless

6. Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

Miley, Miley, Miley what did she do this year. She released her self-produced album at the end of September. “Younger Now” is so different to “Bangerz”, Miley didn’t care about sale numbers and about chart placements. She created as an artist whatever she wanted to. You know what! Her work is phenomenal. Yes, I admit the songs on the album aren’t memorable, besides the two singles. Therefore, all the tracks are inspiring with meaningful lyrics. It’s an album to think about it and not an album to listen to it in your car. Miley has changed again, and I assume this time she found herself as an artist. I will always support her.

Favorite tracks of the album: Malibu, Younger Now, She’s Not Him, Thinkin’, Love Someone

5. Zara Larsson – So Good

This Swedish girl is one year younger than me and she already ruled the world with her music. She released her album “So Good” including all her chart-topping singles in March this year. Her album is a masterpiece, I guess she worked with good producers. Swedish people know how to write hits. Yes, it’s a typical pop album, but almost every song is written perfectly on this album. Her album deserves its title “So Good”, it really is. I saw Zara live on her tour this fall, her stage presence and performance are very professional. This era was her best era, I hope she will keep it upwards.

Favorite tracks of the album: I Would Like, Lush Life, Ain’t My Fault, Symphony, Funeral, One Mississippi

4. Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Bloom

I usually don’t listen to rap music, besides Nicki Minaj. But this album was surprisingly inspiring. I discovered MGK with his Collaboration with Camila Cabello for the song “Bad Things”. Afterwards, I gave his album “Bloom”, released in May, a chance and I truly enjoyed almost every track, maybe because it is a rap-pop album. It convinced me to buy a ticket and see him live on stage in Zurich last fall. Now he is my favorite male rapper. Even he raps, he managed to inspire me with his lyrics. Can’t wait to hear more of him.

Favorite tracks of the album: Go For Broke, At My Best, Kiss the Sky, Trap Paris, Bad Things, Rehab, 27, Let You Go

3. Taylor Swift – Reputation

One day her come back will be read in pop music history books. Taylor knows how to write memorable pop songs, but this time with her dark songs she showed another side of her. This album includes drama, karma revenge, love, sex and more. I really enjoyed her new sound. She still has songs which would fit into her former album “1989”. There will be no further explanation, there will just be Reputation.

Favorite tracks of the album: Ready For It, End Game, I Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, Delicate, LWYMMD, So It Goes, Gorgeous, TIWWCHNT, Call It What You Want

2. Sam Smith – The Thrill Of It All

Sam Smith must be an angel sent to earth by God. With his voice, he could sing any song and your heart would melt. His 2nd studio album is more touching than his debut album with powerful ballads. I love almost every song on the album. It is rather an album for bad days, you can get quite depressive, if you get, it means you’re feeling it. In 2018 I will see him live in Zurich. I will write a concert review for sure. And maybe if I am lucky you will see more of him and me, cross your fingers for me.

Favorite tracks of the album: Too Good At Goodbyes, Scars, No Peace, HIM, Burning, Say It First

1. Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

I am a Lovatic since Camp Rock, since the song “This is Me”. This album is the best, most honest and personal work done by Demi. Compared to other famous artists she has real talent, her vocals are incredible not every female singer can sing like her, even they are more popular or sell more than her. I fell in love with every song on this album besides “Sexy Dirty Love”. She has mostly slow ballads on this album, and of course, her summer hit “Sorry Not Sorry”. I am sure this era will be her best era after the “Demi” era. My one wish for 2018 is to see her live on stage or even meet her.

Favorite tracks of the album: Sorry Not Sorry, Tell Me You Love Me, You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore, Daddy Issues, No Promises, Ruin The Friendship, Only Forever, Cry Baby

I wish you all the best for 2018 and I can’t wait to write and share more with you next year. Let me know in the comment section which album you enjoyed the most in 2017. Thanks. Eren


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