Maroon 5: Red Pill Blues – Album Review

Maroon 5 or should I better say Adam Levine released their 6th studio album “Red Pill Blues” on November 3rd, 2017. I wasn’t expecting this American pop-rock band to release a new album for this year. But they did it and even on the same day as Sam Smith released his 2nd studio album “The Thrill Of It All”. Therefore, their album debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 2. I am sure it could have been number 1 if “Red Pill Blues” were released earlier this year. Before the album release, I’ve already heard their singles “Don’t Wanna Know” and “Cold” and liked them both. For their upcoming album, I was expecting more love songs written perfectly for the radio. This new album includes 13 new tracks and many collaborations with other artists. I love it when pop artists feature other artists on their albums. It makes the album much better. Let’s see what Adam Levine is singing about on these new tracks.

Best 4 U

The album starts with a memorable song, after reading the lyrics I realized the serious topic. This track is about an unpleasant relationship of a couple with two different lifestyles. The man goes out every night, gets drunk and high. The woman stays home and sleeps 8 hours and goes to work next morning, then when the man comes back home. The man is sorry for his bad habits and behavior. He still wants the best for her and he knows that she deserves someone better. “I just want the best for you. But I’m just not the best for you”. The couple is probably going to break up or even divorce, if they are married. Now, I wonder if the album is going to keep this storyline.

What Lovers Do (feat. SZA)

“What Lovers Do” is the lead single of the album, released on 30th August 2017. I couldn’t find much meaning in the lyrics, it is just a catchy love song. In which to grown persons fell in love and act like young couples, they do what lovers do. I think SZA’s voice fits perfectly with this song. An average radio hit, which puts you in a good mood.


This song was released as the 3rd promotional single on 31st October 2017. This track keeps the storyline, which started with “Best 4 U”. Now, Adam catches his girlfriend leaving him. He apologizes and wants her to turn back. He still wants to be with her and he doesn’t want to lose her. The ending of the song is open we don’t know if she really leaves him or if she turns back. I really enjoy the chorus of this song and Adam’s low voice during the verses.

Lips On You

Compared to the first three earworms “Lips On You” is dark, slow and sexier. Adam sings about the effect on his lover when he kisses her. And about how they have a good time and enjoy themselves late at night. I want to mention that Charlie Puth and Julia Michaels co-wrote this song with Adam Levine. Maybe that’s why this song is almost a masterpiece.

Bet My Heart

On this track, Adam is ready to give up his dating life and love this one woman with his entire heart. “All of my love. My time, my attention, my patience, I’m giving it all”. He admits that he usually doesn’t do this for a woman. Now he asks her if he would regret doing this. The instrumentals of this song are soft and have an acoustic vibe. Adam sings the 2nd verse with a strong low voice what is rare for his singing. This love song is original and still catchy in a good way. I’m sure you will like it too. It is my favorite track of the album so far, it must be the next single with a legendary music video.

Help Me Out (feat. Julia Michaels)

The 1st promotional single released on October 6, 2017, features Julia Michaels, who also co-wrote on this track. You have probably already heard this one because it became very popular, especially on Spotify. Surprisingly, there is no evidence in the lyrics that this song is about two lovers, it is more easily a song about someone, who asks his friend to help him out. I don’t like this song and I don’t see any meaning in the lyrics. I guess everyone can interpret the lyrics for themselves. I’d have expected meaningful lyrics from this collaboration, but it just seems to be a simple pop song made for the radio, nothing Special, in my opinion. 

Who I Am (feat. LunchMoney Lewis)

“Who I Am” has nothing to do with finding yourself, I’m disappointend. It is just another love song. This song is dedicated to all lovers, who are having a good time together. But I rather like this track than the lead single “What Lovers Do”. LunchMoney Lewis’s part is very fast, therefore quite short only 15 seconds. While listening to this song you can forget about your problems and enjoy the moment because it has a “I don’t care / I don’t give a fuck” vibe. 

Whiskey (feat. A$AP Rocky)

As the 2nd promotional single “Whiskey” was released on October 19, 2017. In this song the lyrics have more meaning, it is a slow breakup song. Adam is singing about falling in love with a woman, who doesn’t love back the way he does. In the chorus, he remembers their romantic time in September. In the verses, he explains how much he loved her in a blinded, reckless way.  Further, it seems that he got over this relationship “She was a lesson. I had to learn”. Whiskey is a simile either to the effect of her kiss or to their relationship, which made him feel drunk. The rap of A$AP Rocky is based on the title, it includes alcoholic drinks. A nice song to move on after a breakup.

Girls Like You

I loved this song until I realized the chorus is about having sex with a bitch. I hope, I’m not misinterpreting it. The chorus is  also like a tongue twister. The concept of the verses seems to be independent of the chorus and bridge. I cannot find any common sense of these parts. They are like written for different songs but still put together to form this song. However, I still like this song. The lyrics don’t have to always make sense if you can enjoy listening to the song.


“Closure” is probably the longest track ever on an album it lasts 11:29 minutes, but only the first 3 minutes are sung, the rest are instrumentals. I wouldn’t download this song, what about you? In the lyrics, Adam’s partner visits him to break up face to face, but they end up having sex for the last time, as a closure for their affair or relationship. Maybe, Adam wanted to give space for the other band members during the last 7 minutes of the track. Let’s not forget that Marron 5 isn’t Adam Levine’s stage name, it’s a name of a pop-rock band, or am I wrong?

Denim Jacket

Another breakup song on the album is “Denim Jacket”. I really love the arrangement of this, it is outstanding compared to the popular songs on the album. Adam admits that it was his fault, “I know I fucked up, so I’ll take the blame. And I don’t expect you, to let me explain. You can’t forgive, I can’t forget”. Now, he is just wondering if she still wears her denim jacket. He also admits missing her. This is an original breakup song.


With this song, the final songs of the album keep getting better. “Visions” isn’t a classic pop song, it has a reggae vibe and remembers me of Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side”. This song is about being obsessed with someone with whom you’re in love with. So, he keeps seeing her everywhere, he can’t sleep at nights. But he knows that this is all in his head. In this song, you can enjoy Adams manly low voice. A masterpiece.

Plastic Rose

This song is about fake love. Adam reflects on his fake relationship. Plastic rose is a metaphor for the fake love he got from her. I like this song and its beat, but the pre-chorus has too many repeated hows. “Baby all you gave me was a plastic rose”. Let’s hope that we all will find true love one day. We don’t need fakers.

Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

This song was the first released single on October 12, 2016, since spring 2015. It is a catchy breakup song written for the radio. Therefore, everyone likes it. Adam represents his thoughts about his ex-girlfriend, to which every man can relate to after a breakup. Kendrick Lamar gets sexual in his rap part, even though this song has a childish vibe. I guess, you either love this song or you hate it.

Cold (feat. Future)

I love this song. The 2nd single of the album released almost a year ago, on Valentine’s Day, on February 14, 2017. Maybe it is a song for everyone who was single at this day like me. Adams girlfriend acts suddenly cold towards him and he cannot understand why. His girlfriend wants space, probably a break of their relationship. He has difficulty with this new situation, he would rather break up than witnessing her coldness towards him.

Tops: Wait, Lips OnYou,  Bet My Heart, Denim Jacket, Visions, Cold

Flops: Help Me Out, Closure

Maroon 5 is known as a pop-rock band, but “Red Pill Blues” is for my ears rather a pop album made for the radio. I think that the last singles “What Lovers Do” and “Help Me Out” really don’t represent the album as good it is. The other songs on the album are much better. Unfortunately, half of the collaborations are disappointing.  There are many other songs which deserve to be a single. Adam Levine has a great voice and he is a very talented man, also his vocal range is unbelievable. But his high sung parts are probably not corresponding to everyone. However, he has some songs in which he lets his manly low voice sound. Adam Levine co-wrote on every song of the album, I’m glad about this fact. So far as I know, he is married and expecting his second child. Therefore, I assume not all songs are about him or personal, he probably sings about fictional stories. The deluxe edition of this album contains 6 live performances of their former hit songs. If you’re a Maroon 5 fan you will love this album, it has a nice diversity between radio hits and more meaningful songs. If not; don’t be disappointed by the singles, listen to the entire album, I’m sure you will find your favorite track. Tell me your favorite track in the comment section. And thank you for reading this blog post so far. Show me with a like that you’ve read until the end and don’t hesitate to share this blog post with a friend. Thanks. Eren


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  1. I love this album! To me maroon5 never get boring and I don’t think personally their is anybody out there that are doing the same type of music as them. If that makes sense. Maroon5 are different! Looking forward too anotber Albun review! X

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