Lauv – Lost in the Light

Lauv. Lauv! Lauv? I’m sure you have already heard his stage name at least once. Lauv’s real name is Ari Staprans Leff he is an American singer, songwriter and producer, born in San Francisco, in 1994. After graduating from New York University where he studied music technology. He first got attention with his song “The Other”, which he actually wrote for other artists, but he couldn’t deny keeping this song for himself because it was very personal. A bit later he released his first EP “Lost in the Light” in 2015. I’d like to mention that Lauv is an independent singer, so he doesn’t depend on a record label. However, he also writes for other musicians, so did you know that he co-wrote and co-produced the hit “No Promises” with the Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato. He also co-wrote on the song “Boys” for Charlie XCX and for other artists like Conor Maynard and Adam Lambert. You must have heard his summer hit “I Like Me Better” or his newest single “Easy Love”, if not then you must check his music out. But first, let me introduce you his first EP Lost in the Light.


The Other

“The Other” is a slow breakup song. Lauv is singing about an ending relationship, for which there could still be a chance to go on. He describes his feelings and behaviors during this period with some metaphors. The chorus is heart melting and meaningful written. I love the first line of it, where Lauv asks: “Who wrote the book on goodbye?”. He also mentions the dilemma of making a choice about your relationship, when you don’t know if you should listen to your heart or think rational. This is a personal song to Lauv because he is singing about his own breakup.


This song is about a complicated relationship, in which the couple has a lot of fights and miscommunication. In the verses, Lauv describes his own perspective and in the chorus, he reflects the questions of his girlfriend. It is again a slow song with idioms and metaphors. Probably, Lauv has written this song about the same person as in “The Other”.



In this song, Lauv asks his lover if they can go back to adrenaline, guess for what adrenaline is a metaphor for. Yes, for sex. The lyrics are about an unsatisfying relationship, which is not as exciting as it used to be. Lauv mentions in the verses that their sex used to be gorgeous, he just wants it back.


With “Reforget” Lauv tries to deal with his break up, just by going out every night and drinking alcohol and sleeping with strange girls. Even though he regrets what he does, he keeps doing it with the aim to forget his ex. In the chorus, he admits that he is lost in the light which is the title of his EP.


Come Back Home

This final song on the EP is written like a conclusion to the whole plot during the EP. In this song Lauv first takes a break from his relationship and travels around, he mentions that he needed a getaway. But then he admits that he still loves her and states that sometimes we need to listen to our heads instead to our hearts. So here he reflects the dilemma that he had in “The Other”.


The probability that all these songs are about the same girl is very high if not there is still a nice plot during the whole EP. Lauv doesn’t have overwhelming vocals in this EP, he also doesn’t have a wide vocal range, but it’s amazing how good he can use his voice and still write songs worth listening. Anyway, in my eyes, he is more a songwriter than a talented singer, who should be highlighted by his meaningful lyrics and not by his voice. Lauv is not an ordinary pop singer he has a unique sound. I have the feeling that more and more songwriters become singers these days, for example, Bebe Rexha and Meghan Trainor. The music industry is changing, we want to listen to singers who can write their own lyrics like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Musicians who sing songs written by others don’t attain much success. But I’m sure Lauv is just at the beginning of his successful career in the music industry no matter if he sings his own songs or writes for others.


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