Jeremy Thurber – Deliverance

Who is Jeremy Thurber? I didn’t know him until he connected with me on Instagram. Afterwards, I listened to his music on Spotify and I fell in love with his EP “Deliverance”. I’m sure you will like it too. So, let me introduce him and his EP to you!

Jeremy Thurber is an American pop singer, born on 20th June 1989 in San Diego, California. But he is more than this title, he is also a dancer and songwriter. He started as a dancer in music videos for other artists, but one day he decided that instead of dancing for them, he could do what they were doing. So, he became a singer-songwriter. In 2010 he started in the music industry and worked with famous artists like Jake Miller, Meghan Trainor and others. Since 2016 he is working on his debut album, I’m excited to hear it. But for now, let’s talk about his EP “Deliverance”.


“Deliverance” is released in August 2016 as a foretaste of what he can do, according to singing and writing. This acoustic EP contains five songs. The first four songs are piano ballads embellished with metaphors and emotional lyrics. The final track “Don’t Hold Me Back” is much more than a piano ballad it presents some new sounds and vibes in the instrumental. His vocals are in all songs heavenly, he has a large vocal range and a head-voice like Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake. I love the whole EP but if I had to choose my two favorite tracks, they would be: “Sacrifice” and “Don’t Hold Me Back”. If you someone who loves acoustic music with meaningful lyrics and amazing vocals, then you’re going to love this EP like me.


In my eyes, Jeremy Thurber and his music are underrated, he is a very talented guy and his music deserves more attention. So, please go and support him where ever you can. And let me know in the comment section if you agree with me, after listening to his EP! Also, check out his new single “Fingerprints” if you like to listen to electro-house.


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