Miley Cyrus: Younger Now – Album Review

Miley Cyrus is back with her 6th studio album, released on 29th October. You probably remember her former hits like “Wrecking Ball” & “We Can’t Stop” from her 4th album back in 2013.  If you don’t know her 5th studio album called “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” released in 2015 as a free album on SoundCloud, then you’re not a Smiler. I know most of you started to hate her when she became a crazy bitch after Hannah Montana, but guess what, I really enjoyed the new Miley and supported her as a fan. I also saw her live on her Bangerz Tour in Zurich back in 2014. This was enough history, on her new album “Younger Now” Miley goes back to her roots with country pop and rock pop sounds. I’m sure you will like this version of her much more. Let’s see what these new 11 songs are about.


Younger Now

“Younger Now” is the 2nd single and the title track of the album, released on 18th August. In this pop song, Miley shows us that she has changed again or found herself new. She is not afraid of she used to be in the last four years. So, she seems to be happy and feeling much younger with her new self. The chorus includes the message that everyone changes and I totally agree with her. No one stays the same, right? I think it’s cool that the album starts with this song because it is an introduction to the whole album. Unfortunately, this song is underrated, it only reached number 79 on the charts Billboard Hot 100. Add it to your playlist NOW!


Malibu, I love this song <3! It was the first single from the album released on 11th May. The first time I watched the music video and listened to this song I was like: “The old Miley is finally back after 4 years” and I fell in love with her again. In “Malibu” Miley sings about getting back together with Liam Hemsworth, they broke up in 2013 and started dating again in 2016. I really want them to be together forever. The song itself will give you spring fever and will make you regret if you’re single and have no one to cuddle with. The beach and summer themes of this song are just perfect.



“Rainbowland” is probably about two lovers living in their own peaceful world without any troubles, but it is also a criticism of our world. It is also about changing the world and make it a better place by loving each other instead of fighting. A “Rainbowland” would be the perfect version of our earth, where we all live in peace. The legend Dolly Parton sings this song together with Miley. She also talks to Miley in the intro and outro, which makes it so cute. If you feel sad, then listen to this song, you will feel much better.

Week Without You

This song was released as the 2nd promotional single one week before the album came out. In “Week Without You” Miley reflects her thoughts about a love-hate relationship. She is just thinking how it would be to spend a week without her arduous lover. At the end of the song she can’t stand this idea, so she admits that she would miss her lover. Sometimes we all need a bit space of the persons around us, at least a week wouldn’t hurt anyone.  I think it is a nice love song to which everyone can relate to.


Miss You So Much

This country song is about someone you love, adore and revere, you would even die for this person. Then you imagine this person is dead for a moment and right in this moment you already miss this person even she or he is next to you. Miley has written some powerful and meaningful lyrics for this song. It’s not about her vocals, it’s about the lyrics. I guess this is also why she sings the two verses first and then the chorus for the first time. Miley, we missed you so much!

I Would Die For You

With this song, Miley indicates that if she loves someone, then she loves unconditionally. Her love is just boundless. As the title of this slow song already says she would even die for her lover. This song could be about Liam but I don’t really want to assert that. When I look at the lyrics of this last two songs I can claim that Miley doesn’t care about money in a relationship, what counts for her is just to love with your whole heart. Let’s hope that Liam loves Miley as much as she loves him. What I don’t like, the chorus of this song, which is weak and is written more like a pre-chorus, so a stronger chorus would have been better.



In “Thinkin” Miley broaches just the issue of thinking too much of her lover. Just being paranoiac. What is he doing? Where is he? Why is he not callin’? The moment when you get suspicious if you are cheated on. Miley sings this song in a cheeky cool way. In the chorus, she repeats every last word of the line four times. I like the drums and her vocals on this song.

Bad Mood

In this song, we have a complicated unsatisfying relationship, which makes Miley wake up every morning in a bad mood. Even though she’s not happy in this relationship and has enough, she is also not ready to give it up and let it go.  “Bad Mood” has some depressive vibes. If a relationship stresses us mentally too much, then maybe to take a break wouldn’t be a bad idea. By reading the lyrics I can see a connection the “Week Without You”, maybe these two songs are about the same person.


Love Someone

Yes. Yes. Finally, it happens. In “Love Someone” Miley breaks up with her bad lover, who must be the same person as in “Bad Mood” and “Week Without You”. Miley claims that she knew from day one he isn’t the right man but she still loved him entirely. Also, that he must love her to make her stay, but he doesn’t love her, so she packs her things and leaves him. She finally sets her free from this unhealthy relationship. An inspiring and supporting song if you’re going through the same situation.

She’s Not Him

OMG. This song is so personal to Miley, I must think twice before I write something about it. First, I know that Miley dated a woman after the break up with Liam, she dated Stella Maxwell a British model. Second, she came out as pansexual in an interview last year. In this song, she is apologizing from a beautiful girl for not being able to love her because she still loves him. And with him she probably means Liam Hemsworth. It is a very emotional song, you should listen to it.



The last song of this album “Inspired” is very inspirational, I can see that Miley was inspired to write this song. Miley released this song as her first commercial single before the album came out on 9th June. This song is not about love, it is about us, about our world and nature. In the first verse, she mentions her father, how he inspires her in life. The message of this song is that even only one person can change the world and that we are all meant for more. Let’s change the world together.

Her album “Younger Now” includes 11 songs, 3 of them are songs with a message and the rest are love songs. Surprisingly, in this album she’s not singing about SEX anymore. I think, she sings about nice love songs based on real personal experiences. I also think that Miley doesn’t care about the chart positions anymore. She wrote all lyrics of these 11 songs by herself. She wrote and produced them with Oren Yoel. What I also realized is that she didn’t work with any pre-chorus in the structure of these songs. This album must be her most personal album. She developed as an artist and yes, she changed again, but this time she is more mature and still feeling younger. If you’re bored by listening to the radio hits, then listen to this album it’s so different and inspirational than what you are used to hear on the charts. Let me know in the comments which songs are your favorite ones.


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  1. blends pop-rock and pablum country fare that is so restrained, so thinly produced, it seems like her lovably goofy personality was hobbled throughout the recording process. Even before she read the funeral rites for Ratchet Miley, Cyrus teased the kind of performer she was becoming. A recent cover of Paul Simon ’s “ 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover ” showed a self-assured pop star reclaiming her Appalachian roots while still maintaining the post-Disney cool facilitated by Mike WiLL and Pharrell .


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