Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me – Album Review

Demi has released her 6th studio album on 29th September and I’m going crazy as a Lovatic. A new album means: a new tour is coming soon. I hope this time she will be on a world tour like in the “Demi” era and she will finally come to Switzerland. Please! After touring for her fifth album “Confident” she shocked her followers on Twitter with a tweet saying: producing music is not worth it and she rather does charity work. But come on we know singing is Demi’s primary job. And here we go again, after releasing her dance hits “Promise me No Promises” with Cheat Codes and “Instruction” with Jax Jones. She gave us the summer hit “Sorry Not Sorry” and know a whole album with 12 tracks on it. Let me tell you what these hottest newest tracks are about.


Sorry Not Sorry

As we already know she wrote this song as an anthem for the bullies or haters in general. This song has the same content as “Waitin For You” from her last album but this time it’s made to be a hit. Again, we see a confident Demi looking for revenge and taking it by singing this song. But the lyrics also show that she turned into a bully herself, the title is enough to prove this statement also the chorus does it very well with “I’m the baddest” or “the tables have turned”. Do you know what I love? This strong confident Demi taking her revenge. Go, Demi! If you haven’t listened to this hit the whole summer, then you better catch up and add it to your playlist now.

Tell Me You Love Me

“TMYLM” is the second taste that we could get from her upcoming album. On this song, we hear the old Demi singing her ballads with soul and heart. For me, she is singing about a breakup that she cannot accept because she needs her lover to feel alive. She admits in the first verse that she is bad at love and she and her lover fight a lot, but also that she is sorry. All she wants is her lover to say: I love you. In this song, I see a Demi who is desperately in love and cannot be an independent woman anymore without her lover. The line with its strong meaning: “You ain’t nobody ’til you got somebody” scares me a bit because Demi you are Demetria Devonne Lovato with or without a man beside you.


Sexy Dirty Love

“Sexy Dirty Love” was released as the last promotional single one week before the album. Yes, Demi is singing about SEX again, but I must admit “Body Say” was much better than this one. Thy lyrics seem to be the second hook up with the same person via Tinder, without her amazing vocals this song just would be cheap, sorry not sorry Demi for saying this. I only like the pre-chorus of this song. I rather listen to “Body Say”. Let me correct the title: Cheap Dirty Sex.

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore

This song was released as a 3rd promotional single before the album and it involves an amazing message. Even the song seems to be a breakup song, Demi is singing in this ballad about her drug and alcohol addiction from her past. We all know that she is sober now, but with this track, she tries to help other people who have an addiction, especially the 2nd verse is a message to you. I hope you all will get it.


Daddy Issues

In this song, Demi sings literally about her daddy issues in a relationship with an unavailable man. In this album, she didn’t write a song about her biological father directly, what she used to do in her last three albums, but this song is about the issues her father left her behind. In the lyrics she seems to be a bit sex addicted, she admits that she is insatiable, also the bridge proofs it. “Daddy Issues” could also be about her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, they broke up because the relationship wasn’t satisfying for them both anymore. I guess Wilmer is the only person who can confirm Demi’s daddy issues after nearly 6 years of dating.

Ruin The Friendship

There are so many pop songs about “being more than friends for a night” but “Ruin The Friendship” must be the most personal one, all Lovatics know this song is about a “real friend” that Demi has. YES! I’m talking about Nick Jonas, after reading the lyrics this song must be 99.99% about him! Naturally, Demi has other sexy friends I guess but “cigar”, “guitar” & “history” associate with Nick Jonas. I love this ballad, her soft vocals and the lyrics. Listen to it on repeat! Let’s admit we all have friends with whom we would like to be more than friends at least for once till the sunrise.


Only Forever

Guess what, this song freaks me out because it is written like the 2nd part of “Ruin The Friendship”. Again, the lyrics give hints that it could be about Nick Jonas. Now I want them to marry and have children. Otherwise, she is singing about a close friend, who should make the first move. She sings in the chorus that she will wait (only) forever for this move. If these two songs are not about Nick Jonas than they are only made for attention, I mean to promote the album. Let’s hope not.


“Lonely” is about moving on after a breakup, in the 1st verse Demi sings about hooking up with someone new. The 2nd verse gives a hint that this song is probably about Wilmer, her ex. Because they announced their break up in “June” 2016. The lyrics show that Demi feels sadness and disappointment and that her lover was the one, who wanted the separation. Lil Wayne’s rap verse is just supporting this concept of the song. He raps very slow and calls Demi “bitch”, I don’t like it. I wish one-day Demi and Nicki Minaj will have a collaboration together.


Cry Baby

On this track, Demi reflects her thoughts about a difficult relationship. Even though she is emotionally strong her lover manages to make her cry. She also admits being naïve and to do the same mistakes again and again. Love makes blind, right? I love the electric guitar and her vocals in this song, it is a mixture of a ballad and an anthem for me. The song starts slowly but gets more tensed by the chorus. We love Demi’s amazing smile, so please no one should make her cry!


Demi gets angry in “Games” she prompts her lover to be open in texting her and to tell her what he really wants to say. Without making it too complicated, without “playing games”. She doesn’t want an inexperienced boy to date, she is looking for MEN. By looking at “Games” & “Sexy Dirty Love” Demi seems to be enjoying being single and dating new men. “Games” is a fun song appealing to everyone’s problems with these dating apps in our times.



After listening to “Concentrate” I can’t concentrate anymore. This slow song is not sexy it is erotic. Demi sings about how she feels after having sex with her lover and how she still wants to do it again. She even declares to be his sex slave. Demi picks sex out as a central theme in a mature way, so the song doesn’t seem to be mediocre. She is also very open about such an intimate topic


In the last song of the standard version, Demi presents a love song in a metaphoric approach. “A ride” is a metaphor for “love”, “the driver” is her lover and she is the “hitchhiker”. The lyrics are about falling in love with a stranger and not caring about what is going to happen next. Just when you want to live the moment with your lover, even you don’t know if there will be a future with this person. It is a nice slow song to end the album.

The album “Tell Me You Love Me” (standard version) includes 12 songs, for my ears three of them are dance songs and the other 9 are ballads. Demi co-wrote on 10 tracks, so I can say that this album is personal. Compared to her last album “Confident” the pop genre is advanced with R&B. There could have been more collaborations than only Lil Wayne. I am sure, she will again be nominated for a Grammy with this album, but Taylor Swift and Sam Smith are also going to release new albums next month, so there is no chance for her to win. Sorry Not Sorry Demi!


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